650 trucks stranded at UK border, UK plans to test for lorry drivers

The images are spectacular: hundreds of trucks parked on the highway, forming a line that stretches as far as the eye can see. This Tuesday, 22 December, 650 heavy goods vehicles are still blocked on the M20 motorway connecting London to the port of Dover in England. A situation caused by France’s closure of the border, in an attempt to prevent the spread of the new strain of coronovirus that appeared in the United Kingdom.


To convince France to resume freight, the British government said today that it was considering Kovid tests for truck drivers. Screening in ports “Absolutely part of the discussion” With France, “We Believe Everything”, Was declared British Minister of Interior Minister Patel on Sky News Channel.

“We will find a solution”

All arrivals from the United Kingdom are affected by the more contagious strain of the coronavirus – particularly after the decision by France to suspend it for 48 hours on Sunday evening, resulting in a third lockout in London and parts of southeast England – traffic. Discussion between Paris and London should be continued on Tuesday to allow for the resumption of.

“We are discussing with our French counterparts, we will find a solution”, The interior minister assured.

In addition to the 650 trucks currently blocked on the motorway leading to the port of Dover, the main cross-channel port is closed to outgoing traffic from Sunday evening, with more than 800 heavy goods vehicles parked at the former neighboring airport Huh.

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A more contagious strain

During a press conference late Monday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he discussed the situation with French President Emmanuel Macron, who according to him wanted to. “Resolve the situation in the next few hours”.

The head of government, managing the epidemic that killed nearly 68,000 people in Europe’s heaviest tolls, argued that there are risks of transmission by truck drivers “Very weak indeed”.

“If it’s more contagious, the new version of Kovid-19 will take precedence over others”

According to the World Health Organization, the transmission of this new version is 40% to 70% faster. British scientists advising the British government observe higher transmission in children than other strains, and are working on this hypothesis to explain its strong prevalence.

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