6:30 am news – Coronavirus: Vaccination of teenagers from this Tuesday

Adolescents were called for rotational vaccination starting this Tuesday, June 15. To do this, it will be necessary to obtain consent of both parents. Last week, the National Ethics Committee raised objections about vaccination of young people, believing that severe forms of the disease are extremely rare in young people. However, for experts, the more French people vaccinated, the better.

nowadays, Only over 45% of the French population received the first injection of coronavirus vaccine. Epidemiologists estimate that to start talking about mass immunity it will be necessary to reach 70%, even 80% of vaccination. A milestone that would be difficult to achieve without vaccinating minors.

Last weekend, Health Minister Olivier Veran recalled that vaccinating teenagers is equivalent to protecting them. Severe forms of the coronavirus are rare in young people, but they do exist. 125 Cases of Pediatric Inflammatory Syndrome Identified in France.

The first study on vaccines in young people is reassuring. 20% of US teens have been vaccinated without any lingering concerns. Vaccines limit the transmission of the virus and juveniles participate in the same viral circulation as adults. According to the government, if we are to face a new pandemic, vaccination of teenagers will make it possible to secure the start of the school year by avoiding new classroom closures.

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Football – No extension of the curfew, on the occasion of the first match of Euro 2020 for the Blues on Tuesday, 15 June, has still been scheduled at 11 p.m., but Interior Minister Gerald Darmin asked forces to order be flexible.

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coronavirus – In the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson announced the postponement of the last preventive measures linked to the pandemic by a month, because of the delta version.

justice – Nicolas Sarkozy will appear on Tuesday 15 June In the context of Bygmalion test. The former president of the republic has to clarify himself on the funding of his 2012 presidential campaign.

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