60 measles cases reported in 2024 in the U.S., surpassing total for all of 2023

60 measles cases reported in 2024 in the U.S., surpassing total for all of 2023

Health officials are issuing a warning as spring break travel approaches, with at least 60 confirmed or suspected cases of measles reported in 17 states so far this year. This number already surpasses the total reported cases nationwide in 2023, prompting concerns about the spread of the highly contagious virus.

The majority of the cases have been linked to unvaccinated Americans returning to the U.S. with the virus, with Illinois and Florida reporting the most cases this year. Illinois has reported 12 infections in Chicago, while Florida has reported 10 cases primarily in Broward County.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated its guidance, urging Americans to ensure they are up to date on their measles vaccinations before traveling. They recommend seeking out a doctor at least six weeks before travel if unsure about vaccination status.

Measles cases have been on the rise worldwide, with recent outbreaks linked to travel in the Middle East and Europe. Complications of measles can include pneumonia and brain swelling, with about 1 in 5 unvaccinated Americans who catch measles being hospitalized.

Health officials are emphasizing the importance of vaccination to prevent the spread of measles, especially as travel season approaches. It is crucial for individuals to take necessary precautions and prioritize their health to avoid contracting and spreading the virus. Stay informed and stay safe this spring break season.

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