6 pm news – School strike: Unions united against the government

Mobilization promises to be massive. Snoop-FSU, the first elementary union, predicted that 75% of elementary school teachers would be on strike and that Half of the schools will be closed on Thursday, January 13, 2022, as part of a national mobilization against COVID-19 protocols implemented in schools.

unions are calling More understandable and respectful crisis management And the last-minute announcements aren’t supposed to be confusing. snoop-fsu needs one return to class closure from first case Establishment of systematic and weekly saliva tests for COVID-19 as well.

The SNES and CFDT, for their part, believe that it is necessary to determine the number of positive cases from which a class is closed. And everyone is waiting for the surgical mask, CO2 sensor as well as replacement. The lack of financial and human resources to operate is becoming unbearable, the joint press release plagues.

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, Chevlin Slaughter : A man was taken into police custody Wednesday by the Chamber Research Section as part of a case that unfolded in 2012, the Annecy prosecutor said. ,The purpose of this detention is to check on the timetable“, she specifies. On September 5, 2012, three British members of the same family were shot multiple times in the head in their car near Chevlin. A cyclist in the area was also shot dead The possible collateral victims of these murders remain unresolved to this day.

, Tennis: Novak Djokovic admitted on Wednesday that he made “mistakes” in his behavior After testing positive for Covid-19 in December and completing his entry form in Australia, while his participation in the Australian Open is still pending.

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, UK : Corner, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson acknowledged in front of MPs His appearance at a party in Downing Street in 2020 is in complete control and presented his “apology” without convincing the opposition that asked for his resignation. In a heated House of Commons, the head of the Conservative government said he believed the May 20, 2020 incident in the gardens of his official residence was a working meeting.

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