6 Nations 2021. What does the foreign press think of the CVC’s possible entry into the tournament capital?

6 Nations Tournament 2021. Absentee players xv

With the economic crisis caused by coronovirus ragging, federations must find new ways to bring in money, and as soon as possible. In this way the Kaikis of the 6 Nations tournament strongly relied on to commission their project. CVC Capital Partners Investment Fund to strengthen its cash flow. The “Light” project provides that in return for its entry into capital, this Luxembourg-based investment fund will pay six federations an amount of € 343 million over five years (excluding bonuses). About ten days ago, For his part the FFR was the first to approve the project during a meeting of the steering committee, Bernard LaPorte confirmed the project. In order for the CVC to effectively seize 14.3% of the shares of Rugby Six Nations Ltd’s subsidiary, 5 other federations would also have to sign, but the agreement would seem to be on the way to becoming valid very soon, necessitating the economic situation.

All commercial parts of 6 Nations (TV rights sales, communications …) will be managed by the company established in 1981. And even though Laporte assured that “At the same time, the federations will retain their special power to regulate sports practice and organize competitions“Through an FFR press release, it is not enough to reassure the most critical minds – particularly the Irish – away from it. Emerald Island Irish Times reference to remind the media that”LThe current television contract, which provides shared coverage between the UK and BBC as well as Virgin Media One in Ireland, S4C in Wales, France 2 and DMAX, expires after Six Nations 2021.” according to him, “It therefore seems inevitable that some Six Nations matches will be paid on television, to maximize their 14.3% share of the championship’s commercial revenue from 2022.

But when the dust settles, the big question is What would be the long-term effects of such an agreement, PTE RTE.ie? “This money is needed right now, but it will likely be spent on living expenses. The danger is that rugby will be looking for investors in three or four years and you may have control of the rugby tournament going to the capitalists. “, Answers Eddie O’Sullivan, former coach of Clover’s XV. “You can lose control of the game. CVC is for profit and is a big debate. But at the moment we are happy to get the money and save the ship“, Has sustained O’Sullivan. Before accepting that the disappearance of the Six Nations from free-to-air television would be “quite possible” and would have to overcome their fears for “the soul of rugby” if this partnership was made efficient.

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Finally, to support Eire’s reluctance, media outlet The 42 notes “CVC records include the removal of Formula 1 from free-to-air television after buying motorsport in 2006, leaving fans fearing that rugby is headed in the same direction.“You would understand, if Bernard LaPorte inscribed”It was their (leaders’) duty to find a solution to ensure a future for our game.“And”This represented a huge opportunity for European and French rugby.“, Many people are more reluctant than the idea of ​​signing this” light “project. Fear would be to put both feet in a sub from where it would be impossible to open.

6 Nations 2021.  Eight players including Tolofua, Kapilaud and Ratage returned to the club6 Nations 2021. Eight players including Tolofua, Kapilaud and Ratage returned to the club

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