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52.7% of French people are now members of at least one SVOD service according to 3Th The OTT NPA Conseil / Harris Interactive Barometer wave was carried out in late December 2020. A “change”, according to the study’s authors, because the fatalist had crossed the 50% mark in the second half of the year. In this context, Netflix strengthened its leadership, while Amazon, in the United Kingdom in France, recorded the strongest growth, they note. According to the survey, for Disney +, launched on April 7 last year, the success is “spectacular”, with 13% of French people now users of the service. On the technical side, the device rate in OTT terminals (Smart TV, HDMI key and OTT box) has also become a majority at 52.2%, after gaining about 4 points in six months. “On its own, HDMI keys and OTT boxes are now present in more than one in four households, further strengthening the chances of ISP disintegration”, she claims. If, at this time, ISPs still survive “cord-cutting” (they unsubscribe television in favor of video-on-demand services such as Netflix, Amazon and other Hulu, Editor’s Note, they are less “more” Does not “bypass”). To subscribe to premium services. This study highlights that especially for subscribers of SVOD services, only 10.9% of customers use the box as a subscription channel, while 57.8% go through the publisher’s website.

Similarly, the democratization of very high-speed access, which has also passed the 50% mark), according to the study, makes it possible to observe that “the privileged entry points of programs also remain at the time of fragmentation”. A particularly noticeable trend for 15–24-year-olds with approximately equal proportions among those who preferred the box (28%), who use native OTT devices (Smart TV (10.5%), HDMI key ( 10.1%) and TV) boxes (3.0%), or 23.6% overall, and those who prefer computers (17.4% of which connect the latter to television), smartphones or tablets (7.0%), or consoles. (2.9%), or 27.3% overall, the OTT NPA Conseil / Harris Interactive Barometer states.

modus operandi : Between 4,081 French people over the age of 15 were studied from 18 to 31 December 2020.

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