500 million users use RCS, the new protocol that seeks to replace SMS

During its Google I/O 2022 conference, the search engine announced that the RCS protocol has crossed the 500 million daily active users mark.

RCS is intended as the successor to SMS. It allows instant sharing, sending of photos or videos, but also allows the creation of group conversations. It was originally supported by Google Messages messaging, which is now equipped with most Android smartphones, including all brands, but also by many manufacturers and operators around the world.

Google also couldn’t help but, through the voice of one of its vice presidents, sent a no-name tack to Apple, which at the moment is refusing to integrate RCS into its application. ,We hope that every mobile operating system will get the message and update for RCS. So your messages will be private, no matter what device you use.,

Apple has been reluctant to officially adopt RCS for security and message encryption issues, but Google nonetheless maintains that the protocol can guarantee the confidentiality of conversations. In the meantime, you’ll have to keep up with the good old SMS to connect with your friends on iPhone.

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