5-year-old boy Tony Hudgell with prosthetic legs raised $ 1 million for the NHS

5-year-old boy Tony Hudgell with prosthetic legs raised $ 1 million for the NHS

Tony Hudgell lost both legs after abusing her biological parents as a newborn, which left her to support life at a London children’s hospital.

He started collecting £ 500 for the same hospital by executing throughout June – but he broke this target almost instantly and raised £ 1.1 million on the online fundraising page on Wednesday.

Veteran Tom Moore, 100, raising $ 37 million for UK healthcare

Tony completed his march on Tuesday in front of a large crowd in his hometown, West Malling, in southeastern England, and celebrated with his adoptive family.

“It’s incredible to think Tony could take a few steps a few weeks ago. He’s a very strong and determined boy and we are proud,” he told the PA Media news agency. .

Tony had just learned to walk on crutches, but after watching “Captain Tom” Moore, he was inspired to complete the fight. 100-year-old war veteran who is a national celebrity He says on the JustGiving page, after making 100 rounds of his backyard, raising over $ 40 million for the UK National Health Service.
He received support from a number of British celebrities. Duchess of Cambridge, the official Prime Minister David Cameron and Chelsea footballer César Azpilicueta. His family described it as “his second home” in the center of London, St. Evelina, part of the Thomas Hospital, raised money for the London Children’s Hospital.

“Paula regularly updates us and we admire her progress,” said Caroline Gormley, Director of Fundraising at the hospital. Said.

“His strength and generosity of all donors will make such an incredible difference. Evelina made everyone in London proud.”

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