5 shocking moments on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival

A mandatory route of stars at Cannes festivities, Kadam has sometimes been the scene of major rants or mini dress scandals over the decades. We have identified the strongest.

Photographers boycott Isabel Adajanik

In 1983, isabelle adjani She is 27 years old and is already recognized as one of the greatest actresses of her generation. If the entire cinema is at her feet, she is fed up with being harassed by photographers every time she steps out.

That’s why the actress will piss off the attendees at the Cannes Film Festival when she arrives to present bloody heat, a masterpiece by Jean Baker. She avoids the pack that leaves the festival, so much so that photographers will answer her: Isabelle Adjani doesn’t want us? We don’t want that either, they give a befitting reply. stair climbing day, they go symbolically place your device on the ground And to show his displeasure, he turns his back on the actress.

madonna ignite festival

We are in 1991. Come to present his fascinating and megalo documentary in bed with madonna, the pop star appears in front of the Palais des Festivals, wrapped in a glittering pink cape. She savors the moment under the raucous glow.

Arrived at the top of the stairs, the garment falls off and the Madonna is revealed The iconic conical bra designed by Jean-Paul Gautier Which he wore during his Blonde Ambition Tour. The queen of excitement has struck again!

Victoria Abril in hat and panties

In 1997, the Spanish actress created a sensation on the red carpet. She appeared in a shirt and tie, like a school uniform, wearing a jacket with a cut in the back … exposing her white panties.

A cheeky dress? Rather a clumsiness… Many years later, Victoria Abril recounts the story behind the scenes: discovering that we had forgotten to give her trousers less than an hour before climbing the stairs, she had to improvise: “I took a hat, I had beautiful shoes … and I agreed! »

Kristen Stewart barefoot in the rain

In 2018, American actress and jury member, who came to attend the screening of BlackKeckKlansmanposes in front of photographers with her famous cuffs, all dressed in silver, before removing her pair of Louboutins and walking up the stairs barefoot and in the rain.

The media doesn’t miss a piece, and Kristen Stewart comes to confirm her imagerebel actressCapable of having an archive of channels when sending conferences on the fly.

Because yes, at a festival where dress codes are pretty strict, Kristen Stewart’s gesture isn’t unimportant. Two years before that, Julia Roberts did the same, but more understandably, when she first (!)

82 women on the stairs

Less than a year after the MeToo earthquake, they are the 82 female directors, actresses, producers who climb the ladder to demand equality in the 7th art.

Cannes Festival 2018 Equality Event
Georges Bayard, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Why 82? This is the number of women selected in the competition for the Palme d’Or since the festival’s creation in 1946. The comparison is startling: 1,688 men have been selected.

She also remembered on the red carpet that Only two women got the prestigious awardJane Campion, for piano lessons in 1993 (formerly with Chen Cage), and Agnes Varda who received the Palme d’Honneur in 2015.

Since then, Julia Ducornau and her bubbling Titanium joined them… but the fight for more women in the film isn’t over yet.

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Photo credit: Tangy Bertin via Flickr

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