5 rules you need to know to understand cricket

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The Cricket World Cup takes place from 30 May to 14 July. The event will be hosted by England and Wales. Discover the rules of this game, which is little known in France.

Cricket is a sport of Commonwealth countries, it has 1.5 billion doctors. England and its former colonies like India, Pakistan, Australia or South Africa are the biggest fans of cricket.

a meeting in two parts

Cricket is a game played 11 against 11. No substitutions are made during the match. The match is divided into 2 parts: one team attacks, the other defends. Then vice versa in the second part.

A batter, a defender and a hunter

The batsman throws the ball as far away as possible to give his teammate time to run. The goalkeeper defends the wicket (or goal). He is the only player who has gloves. He also has to keep the hunters responsible for getting the ball back as quickly as possible.

Shortcuts to Earn Points

When the batsman hits his ball straight into the stand, it is a six. This is the equivalent of a home run in baseball. This is the perfect shot, and he scores 6 runs (or 6 points) for his team. If the batsman kicks the ball out of bounds with one or two bounces, it is a boundary. He will score 4 runs for his team. A game can last up to five days! There are various competition formats: the traditional format lasts for 5 days, this is called a “Test-match”. In the World Cup, it is different, it is “one day” which is played in one day.

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australia cricket champion

Australia dominates the game with five World Cup successes, followed by India, who have won three times. Pakistan and Sri Lanka have won the competition once. England have played three finals (1979, 1987, 1992) but are yet to lift the trophy. To know more about the matches of this World Cup, the official website is here.

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