5 photos from the Indiana Jones set reveal Harrison Ford back on set with Mads Mikkelsen

It’s been a while since there’s been an update to the new set Indiana Jones The film is there, but now we have words and photos of Harrison Ford returning to set after a three-month hiatus, recovering from a shoulder injury that occurred early in production during training for a fight scene. In addition to the 79-year-old’s return to set, footage also captures Mads Mikkelsen who will attend Ford’s final Indiana Jones Brave act. Production has now moved to Italy, after filming at London, Glasgow, North Yorkshire and Pinewood studios in the UK in recent months, reports the Daily Mail.

The final film of the Jones saga does not feature Steven Spielberg as its director for the first time, but Logan Coxswain James Mangold is committed to big shoes and has been more than happy to commandeer the latest adventure from the start Harrison FordSymbolic Archaeologist. Speaking to ComicBook.com last year, Mangold expressed his excitement about taking over the franchise Indiana Jones 5But of course, when asked about the plot of the film, he began with the usual elusive move to answer that question.

He said, ‘I can’t say anything like that. “But like all my work, I always try to find an emotional center from which to work. I think the most important thing is to re-serve the same thing at a time when franchises have become a commodity. At least for me, re-serving the same thing over and over again, with any openness I’ve seen in dance, usually only creates a yearning to eat it for the first time. So you have to push something to the new place, as well as remember the basic reasons why everyone was together. Logan For example, when you’re working in a world of high pressure franchises. “

Photos from the new set offer no specific plot points, and of course we still know very little about what to expect from the new adventure, but one particularly interesting image shows a vintage car adorned with flowers. Suggesting that a wedding would be involved in the film. Whether this is an incident that Indy is on the verge of crashing or he is about to attend, we have no idea, but as this is the last Ford appearance, will anyone blame the character for always being as happy as he does in the sunset. walks?

Other photos give a good look at Harrison Ford and mads mikkelsen, whose character is a still unknown entity, as well as numerous additions and spectacular landscapes of Sicily, which form the backdrop for this particular shoot. After previously seeing several signs of the Nazis returning to the franchise, performing stunts with trains and motorcycles, these latest shots suggest a character encounter that could only mean a sacred artifact is about to happen. Stealing or trading in hands. , but we won’t know exactly until we get the trailer early next year.

Indiana Jones 5 Coming to theaters on 29 July 2022.

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