5 news from African public management that should not be missed this week

(Agency Ecofin) – This week, agreements between Rwanda and the United Kingdom relating to illegal migrants, new agreements between Rwanda and the Congo, the resignation of the Ivorian government and austerity measures in The Gambia have kept our alert.

Cte d’Ivoire: The state plans to invest around $826 million by 2025 to boost the tourism sector

Cte d’Ivoire plans to invest about $826 million in the tourism sector by 2025. These funds will be used to build and rehabilitate luxury hotels, state infrastructure and tourism schools. Its aim is to strengthen this sector so that it can participate more in the economy of the country.

Rwanda signs eight cooperation agreements with Congo

Rwanda and the Republic of Congo have signed 8 new agreements following the visit of Rwandan President Paul Kagame to his Congolese counterpart, Denis Sassou Ngueso. They are concerned with agriculture, mining, skill training, culture, sports, protection of investments and management of economic institutions.

Ivory Coast: Patrick Achi and his government resign

Ivorian Prime Minister Patrick Achi and his government submitted their resignations to President Alassane Ouattara on Wednesday 13 April. This decision is justified by the need to lower the standard of living of the state. In a few days, the new Prime Minister will be appointed and it will be his responsibility to form the reduced government.

Rwanda will now welcome illegal immigrants seeking to settle in the UK

Illegal immigrants wishing to settle in the United Kingdom can now be received by Rwanda. A new agreement between the two countries allows the African country to process their asylum requests, settle them and integrate them if approved.

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Gambia: Government introduces austerity measures to tackle economic problems

The government has taken several measures to deal with the economic turmoil the country is going through. These reforms include, among other things, austerity measures related to foreign travel, fuel and lubricants, and telecom allowances. A team was also constituted to make recommendations aimed at improving the situation.

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