“5 against Zauch”: Günther Jauch leaves his victory to the opponents

Updated 08/01/2021, at 12:12 pm.

  • Günther Jauch won the quiz show “5 Gegen Zauch” against his major opponents on Saturday evening.
  • However, the TV star waived off his €20,000 prize money and left it to Valentina Pahde, Daniel Donskoy, Oliver Kalkoffe, DJ tzi and Ulrich von der Gröben.
  • Moderator Oliver Poacher spoke of Jauch as a “very strong move”.

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Five celebrities competed against quiz master Gunther Zauch on Saturday evening. Valentina Pahde, Daniel Donskoy, Oliver Kalkoffe, DJ tzie and Ulrik von der Gröben opposed the TV star in “5 Gegen Jauch”. Until recently, it was not clear who would emerge as the winner from the show.

For the final question “Which is the only country whose participating team has won at least one gold medal in all previous Summer Olympics?” Both sides gave the wrong answer (correct answer: Great Britain). However, Jauch did not question all his winnings and ended up with 20,000 euros. On the other hand, the opponents returned empty handed.

Quiz Master didn’t want to leave it that way. “I must say, I can’t remember having such tough and really good opponents. We’re going to change that today. You take my 20,000 and I’ll focus on the next show,” he said.

Oliver Pocher praises Günther Jauch: “Very strong move”

The delight of his chief opponents was great, they distributed air kisses to Günther Jauch. “Very strong move,” also praised moderator Oliver Pocher.

The next of three new episodes, “5 Gegen Zauch”, will air on Saturday, August 7th at 8:15 pm RTL (also on TVNow).

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The quiz show also features revised rules of the game with new episodes. For example, there are separate duels between Günther Zauch and celebrities, as well as a quick-rate buzzer round, a joker game, and a “5 Secrets” game round in which the stars reveal personal information.
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Günther Jauch has had curious guests over the years asking “Who’s going to be a millionaire?” Welcome again and again. Ludwig Boley will also be long remembered by the old TV giant – and so will the audience.

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