4 tips to arrange your bedroom for better sleep

We spend about one-third of our time sleeping. This shows the importance of reserving a dedicated space, a carefully furnished room. We want it to be a real cocoon that invites relaxation and relaxation… For this, here are some tips:

1 / an ideal temperature

The link between sleep and temperature has been established scientifically. Actually, our body needs to reduce its internal temperature a little while sleeping. The National Sleep Institute recommends an ideal bedroom temperature between 16 ° and 18 ° to guarantee quality sleep and breathing. To revive the air, it is also appropriate to ventilate the room for 10 minutes every morning.

In summer, it is better to keep off during the day to keep warm weather away, to maintain freshness and airy after dark. On the other hand, when the temperature drops, it is better to cover and choose a comfortable duvet instead of heating the radiators. Finally, we will favor bed linen in natural materials (cotton, linen, etc.), leading to optimal regulation of body temperature.

2 / soft light

Light greatly affects the quality of our sleep. So we will favor a warm and soothing atmosphere in the bedroom to prepare our body for relaxation. For example, prefer the soft and indirect lighting of bedside lamps for more aggressive lighting of the chandelier and suspension.

We will also be sure to leave the screen outside the bedroom. Indeed, the blue light emitted by smartphones, tablets, or other e-readers disrupts our biological clock, blocking the production of the well-known sleep hormone serotonin.

3 / Quality Bed

The choice of mattress is far from anecdote. Yet it becomes clumpy: mattress with springs, foam, latex or shape memory … Material, size and firmness are criteria to carefully study according to your criteria, but also your morphology and any muscles or joints. For pain.

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The same goes for the pillow, which is best selected based on the condition in which you sleep. One word of advice: take time to try different types of beds and get advice before investing.

4 / a sophisticated layout

Followers of feng shui and interior design will confirm this: it is better to make the bedroom a dedicated space for relaxing and sleeping, and only that. Therefore, get out of desks, computers, televisions and other items of seduction. We will also avoid overcrowding the room by overloading it with cluttered furniture, rather than having small bedside tables at the top with some soothing readings! Similarly, a pile of clothes rests on a chair, just as a collection of shoes that line the floor are not the most conducive to living and letting go… In short, well-organized and orderly rooms = calm mind.

For decoration, we will easily orient ourselves towards soft and natural tones, neutral or pastel tones. We reserve bright and aggressive colors, such as reds, oranges and purses for other rooms in the house. Regarding the bedroom, so we think that Zen and Notout. Our grandmother already knew: “We make our bed as we go to bed”

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