4 good things about iOS 14 that we all need to know

iphone 12 ios 14 caseWe think iOS 14.4 is more important.

Certainly, Apple has done a great job developing iOS 14.. The new version of the mobile operating system software for the iPhone includes all kinds of visual and functional improvements that help enhance the experience that the system provides us.

However, as we have mentioned many times before, there is no such thing as a perfect operating system. Technology continues to advance and there is always room for improvement, tweaking for details and implementing new features. However, the changes introduced in iOS 14 are very good and will allow you to enjoy your iPhone more than ever.

In this article, we are going to focus on the changes that iOS 14 features will allow you to maximize your user experience and enjoy all that your iPhone has to offer. Without further ado, we begin 4 good things about iOS 14 Everyone should know this.

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IOS 14’s most notable iPhone features

If you’ve been using iOS 14 for a short time, chances are that some of these features are a great find for you. If, on the other hand, you are an iOS 14 expert, you may find something new that you missed.

1. Lecture

From iPhone hacks, they bring us this useful function of iOS 14, which is to assign an automatic action with pressure from behind the iPhone. This accessibility feature allows you to create two different actions, one with a double tap on the back and the other with a triple tap.

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You can activate it with Back Tap Settings> Accessibility> Touch> Touch Feedback.

With this function, you will be able to perform actions such as increasing the volume, opening the application switcher, reading the screen, activating the magnifier, running shortcuts, and more. And all this with a few clicks on the back of your iPhone.

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2. Ignore incoming calls

With older versions of Apple’s mobile software, it was impossible to ignore an incoming call and return to the home screen. While it was possible to dismiss it with a lock button, there was no button on the screen that took you back to the home screen. Now with iOS 14, the iOS 14 user interface for incoming call notifications is much less intrusive and effectively includes a button to reject calls.

When you receive a call on your mobile phone – or even in an app like Skype or WhatsApp – a notification appears at the top of the iPhone that you might Swipe up to hide it. On the other hand, the notification also shows one button to accept and another button to reject the call.

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3. Highlight the message conversations.

If you regularly use the native iOS 14 messaging app, you’ll love this little tip. This includes the ability to highlight the most important conversations at the top of the screen, in such a way that you can prioritize all the discussions that you think are most important and leave the ones that are not so important below.

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And how to highlight the conversation message? Very easy. Go to the iOS 14 messaging app on your iPhone and Slide your finger to the right In the conversation you want to be at the top, then tap on the yellow button with the pin icon. To remove a chat conversation from the following messages, simply place your finger on the conversation and select the “Detach” option.

4. Play a video while doing other tasks

IPadOS multitasking gives us extremely useful functions such as slide-over, split view, and picture-in-picture, which give us the possibility to perform multiple tasks at the same time, taking advantage of the iPad’s larger screen size; Such as opening two web pages at the same time, using two different apps at the same time, or playing thumbnail videos while you perform other actions in the background.

This function of playing a thumbnail video is called “picture-in-picture” and Apple, to the delight of its users, has finally integrated it into iOS 14.. It is very useful, and works with a lot of applications such as TV, Safari or Netflix. Unfortunately YouTube is not.

Can be activated via picture-in-picture function Two different ways While watching a video in full screen: Tap the button in the top left corner or swipe up from the bottom of the screen to return to the home screen.

It is very simple and very useful!

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Well, these are the most interesting works that we wanted to highlight in this article. These are certainly very useful features, but there are always many other improvements to add. What is your favorite change on iOS 14?

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