3,000 trucks in the United Kingdom, chaos on the channel: toward trial for truck drivers

Now three thousand trucks are parked in Kent in the south of England, and another four thousand are on the way and the same fate will happen, if France and the United Kingdom do not reach an agreement on the screening of truck drivers, making the stop for freight Unable to unblock. Launched for 48 hours by the French government, in an attempt to stop the spread of the English version of Coronavirus. According to the British public broadcaster, the BBC, 2,200 vehicles are located at Manston Airport and others at 632 M20 motorways. Meanwhile, the state of hundreds of trucks stuck in Mainston, with less food available and few toilets, is becoming less and less comfortable, warns the British broadcaster.

“Kent turns into a big car park” In the headlines of some British information sites, pictures of drivers also preparing to spend Christmas in their trucks, while the port of Dover is dramatically closed due to the standoff between London and Paris, is in the works. To find a contract on the Health Protocol applicable to visiting drivers. Yesterday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, following a phone call with President Emmanuel Macron, assured that work was being done to unblock the situation “as soon as possible”, but fears for supplies, especially from Christmas Few days before meals, not less. The 48-hour halt from Paris ends tonight at 11am London time (midnight in Italy).

According to Sky News, an agreement must be in place before the deadline expires: The solution will include rapid trials on truck drivers with the help of the military, but it is no longer possible to find an agreement on the type of tampon to use in French. Claims to be as reliable as possible. Poland has also entered arm wrestling, pressuring France to reopen: Many truck drivers stranded in Dover are Polish citizens. In a video message on Twitter, President Andreas Duda made it known that he was in contact with the French authorities and announced that there would be “progress” by the end of the day.

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With Britain separated from the rest of the continent, the European Commission has called on all member states to reopen the necessary trade routes for “essential supplies”, including vaccines for coronovirus. However, many suspect that Elysée has taken advantage of the situation of snatching concessions from London over fishing, the most difficult knot to close a trade deal between the EU and London after Brexit.

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