3 new series to search on Netflix

If you’re watching the cool series this weekend, Netflix has added three new shows to its list! On the menu: two original productions and a cult series, all of which are now available on the streaming service.

Fairy tales with a rebellious and intoxicating princess, reality shows on Asian jet sets or even teen dramas, once again, Netflix makes sure everyone is on their own account!

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After marrying us for a year and a half, Netflix has finally made the third season of “Disillusioned” online! In this long-awaited Part 3, Bean, the drunken princess and her two companions, Lucy and Elfo, come to us in new completely insane adventures, in which they find themselves in Steamland, a country completely under Dreamland Se is the opposite, because it is completely dominated by magic and technology.

Like parts 1 and 2, always ready to go on a crazy adventure with a bean and eager for adventure… ten episodes literally eat each other and you can’t see the passage of time Huh!

Did you fall in love with the daily lives of the Kardashians? Well with “The Empire of Bling”, Netflix invites you this time to discover the crazy life of a group of American American friends who have millions, even billions of dollars in their bank accounts.

Between frivolous parties and several thousand dollar shopping sprees, the daily life of Ken Lim, Christine Alexandra Chiu, Jaime Zhi or even Cherry Chan is not easy! On the schedule of eight 45-minute episodes shot in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles): glitter, glamor, but also drama and suspense. Be careful, you risk getting addicted!

For those indifferent to the 90s teen show “Dawson”, one of the most cult and iconic teen series is finally landing on Netflix! And in full, please! Fans can now eat six seasons and the feelings of first love of Radcover Dawson, Joey, Pacey and Jennifer in the fictional small coastal town of Capside, but also their first step toward responsibility, adulthood…

Even after 20 years, you will see that the series is still as accustomed as ever! Maybe some get her Nayan Nayan, but we love it anyway! We are our beloved sins after all!

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