25 years later, BBC apologizes over interview with Princess Diana


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M. Boiso, N. Buthabi, J. Ezwan, C. Duvali – France 2

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In Britain, an iconic interview with Princess Diana surfaced again. In 1995, he half-heartedly revealed Prince Charles’s infidelity, which led to his divorce. The BBC has apologized 25 years after this interview. but why ?

It is one of the most spectacular interviews in the history of the royal family. “We were three at this wedding. It was too much”, Breathed Lady Di on November 20, 1995. She talks to a BBC reporter about Charles’s extramarital affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles. But to get this interview, the reporter made a fudge. He made fake bank statements to convince Diana’s brother that the princess was being watched by detectives of the royal family. Delusion of conspiracy to push him to bear witness.

After years of investigation and emotion, Lady Di’s eldest son, William, testifies. “It is heartbreaking to know how the BBC’s failures fueled the fear, paranoia and loneliness of previous years spent with my mother.”, He mourns. In a letter written a month after the show, Diana indicated that she had no regrets and no pressure. But the British audiovisual group tried to hide its flaws during the first internal investigation. He apologized to the country and the royal family.

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