24 M photos updating Google Earth in 37 years

New, Quick Mode on Google Earth ()time up) Which has accumulated 24 million satellite photos from the past 37 years – according to Google it is the most significant update of 2017 as it has to be integrated into its product.

Called Timelaps, it is now possible to see the planet in a new dimension with Google Earth: Time. In all 3D images.

In the last decades, in an Earth observation program launched by NASA in the 1970s, mostly satellite images of five satellites have been collected. Later in 2015, pictures from the Sentinel-2 mission were managed by the Copernicus program of the European Union and the European Space Agency.

Google offers five display sites that you just need to see and admire by typing g.co/timelapse in the address bar of your favorite browser. Click on the ship’s wheel to find the timelapse where Google provides an interactive guided display.

At the bottom right of the image, place to find the link (Featured Location) Takes you to some 200 sites based on their interests.

24 M photos updating Google Earth in 37 years

These time-lapse images of the planet’s surface are very interesting for anyone who admires the beauty of the planetary ecosystem, but also influences the impact of human activities on rainforests and glaciers.

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