22 cases in 9 municipalities

The situation remains stable at low level of traffic.
Few more days to participate in photo contest “How do you protect yourself from mosquitoes?”,

from 1Is Till November 14, 22 cases of dengue have been confirmed. In recent weeks, the number of cases has been low, at around ten cases per week. 9 municipalities are concerned.

In the past few weeks, anti-vector actions by ARS teams involving less favorable weather conditions for the development of mosquitoes have made it possible to greatly reduce the transmission of the virus.
However, dengue fever continues to spread weakly throughout the island, raising fears of a resumption of the epidemic with the onset of summer.

In this context, the people of Réunion are called upon to be vigilant by protecting themselves from dengue fever and mosquitoes, carriers of the disease (repellent, long clothing, mosquito nets, etc.) and by removing all breeding sites (anything that can happen) . water) around their house.

In addition, the photo contest “Against Dengue, How do you protect yourself from mosquitoes? Will run till November 28.

1. since fromIs January 2021
, 29 781 confirmed cases
(after data consolidation)
, 1 140 hospitalized
, 4 133 Emergency Visits

, 20 deaths direct connection with dengue

Dengue fever status as on November 25, 2021
(Data from Ars, the French public health unit in the field)

  • 9 municipalities affected by dengue outbreak:
  • The virus mainly spreads in Saint-Pierre and Saint-Denis,
  • Isolated cases have been identified in Saint-Paul, Saint-Louis, Entre Deux, Le Tampon, La Poisson, Petite Ile and Salazie.
  • No cluster of cases (dengue outbreak) was identified during this period.
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competition game Photos: A few more days to participate ,
Prefecture and Ars La Reunion launch photo contest on 10 November “Against Dengue, how do you protect yourself from mosquitoes? ,,
It aims to start the participatory process for people by offering them to take photos Illustration of the means of protection used to protect against dengue vector mosquitoes (aedes albopictus or tiger mosquito) and start thinking about the most effective means.
These means of protection can be:
Closing doors/windows/shutters with mosquito net type devices
skin repellent spray
bed mosquito net
covering cloth
Insecticide diffuser (electric, coil, etc.)

applicants still have a few days Participate before midnight on November 28.
Terms and conditions for participation in the Contest are available:
On the ARS website: https://www.lareunion.ars.sante.fr/reglement-du-jeu-concours-contre-la-dengue-comment-vous-protegez-vous-des-moustices

or upon request by email: [email protected]

Tips to prevent dengue

  • Protect yourself from mosquito bites To protect those around you during the 7 days following the onset of symptoms include: ,

Continue to protect yourself, even if you have been sick with dengue before , Multiple dengue serotypes can be transmitted and infection with one serotype does not protect against attack by another serotype.

  • Remove breeding sites (mosquitoes’ nests) : Empty anything that has water around your house, check gutters…
  • Consult a doctor in case of symptoms Fever, headache, muscle/joint pain, nausea, vomiting,… and take the sample to a medical analysis laboratory Prescribed by your doctor to confirm the diagnosis of dengue.

  • If you are sick with dengue ,
    • Continue to protect yourself from mosquito bites and monitor your health, especially between 4 pmth and 8th sick day.
    • Consult your doctor or emergency department in case your health condition worsens.
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Find out all about dengue fever at Reunion at the ARS Reunion website.

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