21 COVID-19 outbreaks in Trois-Rivires: bars and restaurants under surveillance

There have been 21 COVID-19 outbreaks in Trois-Rivires in recent days, mainly in downtown bars and restaurants.

Of the 28 outbreaks in recent weeks, 21 have been identified in the city centre.

“For three weeks, we have seen an increase in cases, mainly in Trois-Rivires. 95% of those concerned are people who have not been adequately vaccinated,” says Dr Marie-Josie Godi, Director of Public Health and Population Responsibility.

The latter indicates that 74 cases are now being reported from Roof Top till date, involving employees and customers. The establishment has also temporarily closed its doors.

“We are continuing to investigate for this environment,” says Dr. Godi. We certainly expect more cases as there has been mobility of employees. The biggest outbreak is on roof tops, but many other businesses are also under surveillance. Mainly bars and restaurants, but not just these shops. “

A few days before the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivires, Dr Godi confirmed additional measures have been recommended to the organizers of the event, in particular the wearing of masks at all times in the stands.

In connection with the Western festival of Saint-Tite, the initially proposed plan of sanitary measures should be reviewed, taking into account the epidemiological situation.

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