2022 World Swimming Championships – “It’s a medal that tastes like gold”: Marie Vettel, Divine Wonder

Marie Vettel again lives in Budapest. The 25-year-old from Lille, a silver medalist in the 100m butterfly, won her second major title, her first individual world medal, in her favorite event in the Hungarian capital’s Bassein on Sunday. Far from confident when landing in Hungary, after months of complicated confidence, and preparations just begun in January, the Frenchwoman elevated herself.

,i didn’t believe it at all“Relieved, she remarked, from this mental boost.”I really took advantage of my podium, my moment. Hopefully one day I’ll have Marseilles. It’s a medal that tastes like gold, so I’m so happy“, He added France Television,

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Dressel at party, 15th world title for Team USA

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return to france which did well

Vettel’s restructuring was complicated. Disappointed to miss the Olympic Games in Tokyo, where she finished a disappointing 6th in the fastest final in history of “100 paps”, the northerner “reset” her daily once back from Japan. ,

Based in the United Kingdom since 2016, where she earned a degree in sports management at Loughborough University, the 25-year-old swimmer decided to return home to prepare for the 2024 Olympic Games. Collaborating with trainer Julian Jackier.

In the south of France, he has found a living environment that is better for him. It remained to put the “Vatel” machine back in working order, both physically and mentally.

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Tokyo was indeed a pivotal moment, for good and for bad. Frustrated with not repeating his 56″16 cannon from the semi-finals, his former benchmark, Vettel, ranked him 6th, and his time at 56″27, experienced as a disappointment.

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According to her ability to repeat her performance of the half, she started like a bullet before getting stuck on the return. On Sunday, she did the exact opposite: the first 50 meters under control, 5 in a row she really doesn’t like, and a return to rocket mode.

,when i saw my half (ends with second best time, editor’s note), I told myself I don’t have much space. So I was trying not to get carried away.” he said. “Finally, in the last 15-20 metres, I put in everything. I put in all my rage over the years and it paid off!,

After ending in tears, the tears of “relief“Admitted to the interested side, Vettel was relieved by this astonishing performance. He accepted it immediately, he was aiming more for the European Championships scheduled for Rome next August.”I’m really excited and confident for the future“, she launched. On Sunday, she won world silver, but also broke her personal best, and arguably the French record she already broke (56″14).

‘From Vettel to Cannon via Bouchard & Sports Co: Top 5 of the Days of the Blues’

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Wattle did not hide that Léon Marchand’s performance in Saturday’s 400m medley had inspired him, as well as the French team, now third in the medal standings after two attractions on the clock and two days of competition.

,it gave us a lot of energy“, he said of the title of Marchand.”He inspires us a lot. He surprised us all! He was amazing and inspired us to break all the barriers, mental barriers, records,

Mental fatigue okay. In the pool since 2013, Vettel will soon celebrate his decade as a professional swimmer. Far from being a comet, like many in the game, it has always been seen more in Diesel. But Diesel needed some tweaking to be gone for good. ,I made my first place in the team of France, I was 16 years old. I make my first medal (world) personally at the age of 25“, she breathed between the two sobs, recalling moments of doubt, and especially the failures prior to this release.

,Some start, they are olympic champions, others need to go through many stages, to know themselves, to know international level“That, for his part, analyzed his instructor, Julian Jackier.”Not to be scared, to be reassured, you need to know everything in order to race like he did this evening. This is his way.“The sequel could be even better.

world Championships

For the blues, all is well: Wattle in silver in the 100m butterfly!

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world Championships

Marchand: “Phelps’ world record? Next time, it could be…”

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