2020 year in music with Fabian Lisevre

Song Expert, Fabian work Presents him Official dictionary of french songs Thursday, December 31 by hang on news on franceinfo. As Britain divorced the European Union at midnight in the 1960s Were singing in French, Michelle, a tube “Richard is inspired by Antony’s wife, whom the pop group rubbed at Abbey Road Studios. A demonstration organized by France at that time “, Says Fabian work.

After there “In Disruption, 1986, Renaud signed Miss Maggie, a song she addressed with fierce words to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. François Mitterand had to intervene to reduce stress “, Underlines radio and television columnist.

that I love you Sung by Johnny Halliday in 1969 “The favorite song was Robert Hossein, who died on Thursday at the age of 93. For her, it was the most beautiful declaration of love. The filmmaker will also hire the singer for the shooting of his film Point de Chute in 1970., Remarks to the press officer.

Eventually, Jingle Bells (Long live in the air In the French version) is a New Year song and not a Christmas song. “For the sled race it was written on December 31, 1850 to you.United States, it was then sung in churches and then adapted for the end of year celebrations. It was Francis Blanche who converted it to French in 1948. All the stars took it upon themselves: Micah, Celine Dion, Dorothy…“, Fabian concludes work.


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