2020 Poll Live: Latest Trump-Biden Conflict Over Candidates Face Florida Rally

US Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden

Both U.S. presidential candidates will address a rally in Tampa, Florida, on Thursday, as fighting in the Sunshine State intensifies, with Donald Trump and Joe Biden forming a coalition in recent elections but leading Hispanic voters.

An estimated .55.5 million registered voters have already cast ballots nationally, with the latest NBC / Merist poll released on Thursday showing Mr Biden leading Mr Trump in Florida with four percentage points.

Democrats have more leadership over the president in Georgia’s Red State, where 50 percent of voters say they support him and 45 percent support Tim Trump, according to a new poll released Wednesday.


Most Americans want a national mandate

A new survey has found that most Americans want a national mask mandate in response to the coronavirus epidemic.

According to an exclusive independent survey with JL Partners, when asked about the order of a national mask in the United States, 58 percent agreed that there should be one and 22 percent disagreed.

Furthermore, there was a dividing line among Donald Trump supporters, who felt that a mask order should be enforced, with 39% agreeing and 38% disagreeing.

Daniel Joelner reports:

Gino Spokia29 October 2020 14:56


Biden is four points ahead of Florida, the survey says

A new poll shows Joe Biden has a slim four-point lead against Donald Trump in the battlefield state of Florida.

An NBC News / Merist College poll released Thursday found that 51 percent of voters support Mr. Biden and 447 percent support Mr. Trump.

Although the four-point margin is in the survey margin error (4.4%), it represents a three percent gain for the Democratic nominee since September.

At the same time, only 2 percent of voters are supporting a third-party candidate or going to election day without a decision.

Gino Spokia29 October 2020 14:41


Joe Somerlad29 October 2020 13:47


‘There’s no way to over-speculate on their father’: Insiders reveal how ‘megalomaniac’ Ivanka and Jared will win if Trump loses

Harriet Alexander has this point on the power couple behind the Gillette throne.

Joe Somerlad29 October 2020 11:24 |


Nancy Pelosi says Trump should accept the results of the election “like a man.”

The House speaker accused the self-styled “macho man” of targeting the president and trying to “stir the pot” by claiming that the votes received after election day should not be counted.

“On January 20, 2022, Joe Biden will inaugurate the President of the United States. States will count the votes they have in fashion over time, ‚ÄĚPelosi told MSNBC.

“The easiest thing for him to do is to stand up as a human being and accept the election results of the American people.

“His lack of patriotism for making this kind of statement, his contempt for our election when he allowed foreign countries like his friend Putin to ruin the integrity of our election, he is doing it himself.”

Joe Somerlad29 October 2020 11:22


The Supreme Court has approved an extension of North Carolina’s mail-in vote count

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday granted an extended deadline for North Carolina to count the mail-in ballots, dealing a blow to Trump’s campaign by giving the state until Nov. 12 for its total count and pushing Republicans to vote for Democrats to win. Chances are high.

In a separate mail-in ballot case in Pennsylvania, the court rejected a second, quick review of the state ballot deadline, where late-arriving ballots could be counted until November 3.

“This arrangement will not be in the public interest,” the court said.

An appropriate ruling in favor of North Carolina election officials and Democrats set a Nov. 12 deadline for receiving mail-in ballots, until they are postmarked by Nov. 3.

Alex Woodward has more details.

Joe Somerlad29 October 2020 10:20


More than a third of all ballots cast in the already crucial election

The U.S. election plan says Tuesday 5.5 million people have already marked their XT before polling day, while the U.S. election plan says more than a third of all voters now cast their ballots before Tuesday’s general election.

Joe Somerlad29 October 2020 10:05


In Florida, both Biden and Trump are coming to Florida to lead the Spanish electorate.

The candidates will both deliver speeches in Tampa today, with the Democrats holding a second ceremony in Broward County as the president moves to Pope Field in North Carolina.

Florida, with its 29 electoral votes, next Tuesday ????? A big reward for its election and a Reuters / Ipsos poll earlier this week found that Trump and Biden are running head-to-head in Sunshine State.

As we have seen, opinion polls show Biden with a nationally significant edge, but his leadership on the battlefield is even tighter.

More voters think Democrats were better suited to manage the epidemic, with a 47 percent -22 percent gap, but the president has the highest score in the economy, at 52 percent to 41 percent.

Interestingly, Biden has a narrow lead among Hispanic voters in Florida, but he is still well behind Hillary Clinton’s 201st performance, according to a new poll published by Telemundo.

Democrats put Trump ahead of only 48-43 percent of Hispanics, a number that could be a nuisance for former vice presidents in the country’s largest swing state.

“If Biden is going to turn Florida upside down, he should at least match Clinton’s number of hippies, and it doesn’t look like that will happen,” said Brad Cocker, a pollster at Mason-Dixon Polling and Strategy, which conducted the survey. Politico.

He added, “Even though he wants to draw a majority of unannounced votes there, Trump is going to do better this time than last time.”

Trump received 35 percent of the Florida Hispanic vote in 2016.

Joe Somerlad29 October 2020 11:43


Unique Paul Biden was given a 14-point national lead

With just six days to go before the final ballot, the former vice president has opened up a 14-point national lead over Trump, according to a new poll by the organ.

This is a three-point increase in favor of the Democratic presidential nominee in just a few weeks compared to other versions of the same survey conducted by JL Partners.

Eighty-five percent of 644 potential voters said they would vote for Biden on October 26-27. Forty-one percent have elected a president.

John T. Bennett is here to break that information.

Joe Somerlad29 October 2020 10:09


Trump is five points behind the Georgia Red State

In more alarming news for the president, Biden has a small lead in his Georgia Red State, where 50 percent of voters say they support him and 45 percent support the president, according to a new poll released Wednesday.

The state of Peach last voted blue in 1992 when locals backed Bill Clinton – the Arkansas local was at least a colleague.

But Georgian Republicans appear determined to gnash their teeth and get off the ship.

Here Senator Kelly Loffler claims, unbelievably, never heard before Hollywood Access The tape, so that the president made his “possession” by his infamous “P” to interviewer Billy Bush.

Joe Somerlad29 October 2020 09:56

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