2020 Election Survey Live: Latest Trump and Biden Disagreements As Obama Says Voters Must ‘Never Before’

Former US President Barack Obama on Wednesday

Donald Trump appears to be losing the male support of the white working class that was so inseparable from his election victory in the 2011 election that the president himself insisted in the latest serious projection on Fox News that the poll was “completely fake” and that all predictions before the November 3 ballot could be wrong. .

Barack Obama, meanwhile, delivered a scathing speech in support of his former deputy, Joe Biden, in Philadelphia on Wednesday, tearing down Trump and urging young Americans: “Never vote before and never stay.”

A recent survey by Quinnipiac University found Biden ahead of his Pennsylvania, his hometown and a key battlefield by eight percentage points.


Trump says Fox News poll ‘completely fake’

Donald Trump has claimed to lead “among all the states mentioned” in the latest Fox News poll, which found he lags behind Joe Biden in the three states he won four years ago.

According to the survey, Biden is 12 points ahead of Michigan (52-40 percent), five points ahead of Pennsylvania (50-455 percent) and five points ahead of Wisconsin (49-44 percent).

Trump, meanwhile, has a slim three-point lead in Ohio (45-46 percent), which he won in 2011 eight with eight percentage points.

At this stage, like many others, the poll points to a tight race between states that are expected to field both candidates after November.

If the president is right about one thing, we will all “see” the results soon.

Joe Somerlad22 October 2020 15:31


Biden’s conversion preparations

If Joe Biden defeats President Donald Trump next month, he will quickly face a new challenge: to form a new administration to lead a divided nation through a series of historic historical crises.

With Trump at the center of his campaign to manage the coronavirus epidemic, Biden needs to show that his team can better manage the public health crisis.

“This is going to be one of the most important, the most difficult, and yes, the most expensive transitions in the history of modern America,” Chris Corgg, chairman of the Democratic National Committee for Finance, warned in a recent letter. Associated Press. “There’s still a lot of work to be done.”

Read the analysis below:

Gino Spokia22 October 2020 15:02


Biden led Trump to three states in 2016

At least three Democratic nominees in the three states that became Donald Trump four years ago have now voted for Joe Biden.

According to the latest Fox News Poll, Mr. Beaden is 12 points ahead of Michigan (52-40 percent), 5 points ahead of Pennsylvania (50-455 percent) and five points ahead of Wisconsin (49-44 percent).

Mr. Trump, meanwhile, has a thin 3-point lead in Ohio (45-48 percent), which he won in 2016 by 8 percentage points.

At this stage, like many others, the poll points to a tight race between states that are expected to field both candidates after November.

Gino Spokia22 October 2020 14:43


Do voters think Donald Trump deserves a second term?

সং Short answer to this question, no.

According to voters GallupWhen asked if Republicans are eligible for another term as president, 43 percent said he was – and 5 percent said he was not.

The reactions proved more deadly for “most members of Congress”, with only 29 percent saying they believed MPs were eligible for re-election in less than two weeks.

When a similar poll was conducted in January, nearly 50 percent of voters said Mr. Trump was running for a second term.

Gino Spokia22 October 2020 14:14


Iran and Russia use stolen data to intimidate voters as part of election interference, FBI says

Trump’s National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe and FBI Director Christopher Warr held a press conference late Wednesday in an attempt to spread public opinion before the election, using details of stolen voter registration to send intimidating emails.

“They hope they will cause confusion, chaos and erode your confidence in American democracy,” Rathcliff said, referring to the intervention as an attempt to defy the presidential re-election bid and a “desperate attempt by frustrated opponents.”

According to The Washington Post, The emails were identified as a far-right group of boys sent by people (whose Trump refused to deny the aforementioned first debate, they will remember) and told their recipients: “You will vote for Trump on election day or we will follow you.”

“Change your party affiliation to Republican to know if you received our message and will abide by it. We know which candidate you voted for. If I were you, I would take the matter seriously.”

It would rather undermine Ratcliffe’s claim that it was the work of Trump’s enemies, as their efforts would ultimately benefit him and hurt Biden.

Speaking to MSNBC’s Lawrence and Donnell, Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, was extremely upset, not because of the timing of the announcement, which the agency’s election-shaking letter reported to Congress on October 26, 2016, announcing that it had reopened the investigation. Emails from Hillary Clinton.

Ratcliffe is also not the most reliable of the narrators …

Justin Vallejo has more details.

Joe Somerlad22 October 2020 13:17


Can Obama send Biden to the White House?

The 44th president was in exceptional form in Philadelphia yesterday, but would it be enough to send his former deputy to the Oval Office? Is he just converting and preaching?

Alex Woodward reads the room.

Joe Somerlad22 October 2020 11:08


Is the presidential debate really important?

An interesting question! While there are plenty of undecided voters, it’s hard to imagine last month’s argument that Trump shouted vaguely about an annoying bidon and that Chris Wallace could help anyone make up their minds if he failed to keep order (although it could have thrown them out of politics).

Joe Somerlad22 October 2020 10:36


Biden and Trump to face in final debate in Nashville tonight

Candidates are in Tennessee tonight for the second and final question-and-answer session where NBC has the power to mute their microphones to prevent the ugly fights and obstacles they faced in the first fight in Ohio last month.

Trump laid the groundwork for an excuse for his inevitable persecution by attacking mediator Kristen Welker, accusing him of bias and calling him “terrible.”

According to experts, he faces a winning situation.

Greg here to explain gragiocity.

Joe Somerlad22 October 2020 10:29


Biden closed as soon as Trump’s candidates in Texas were tied up

While Obama’s response to the election is not exactly to warn against complacency, they are certainly trying to look at it at a glance.

In the latest Quinnipiac University survey, Biden tops the list with 6 percentage points for his Pennsylvania, his hometown and a key battlefield. Democrats have also seen significant gains in the Republican stronghold of Texas, with Quinnipiac placing two candidates at 4 percent.

Joe Somerlad22 October 2020 10:27


Obama called on Americans to ‘never vote before and definitely vote’

Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States, delivered a rousing speech in support of his former deputy Joe Biden in Philadelphia on Wednesday, urging Donald Trump to “shut down the fabric of society” for his disastrous response to the “corticovirus epidemic.” For the country, for its Chinese bank account, and for its lack of vision to thwart bogus conspiracy theories on social media.

Obama used his platform to encourage high-profile voters, especially young people, to “give it a shot” at a socially distance drive-in rally on November 22.

“We can’t be complacent, I don’t care about the election,” he said, rejecting Biden’s double-digit leadership in most national elections.

“We can’t let go of those who are hurting now,” Obama added.

“We can’t just think of a better future, we have to fight for it, we have to work on the other side, we have to drive the other side as well. Vote like before and leave no doubt.”

Grameen Macy’s has more

Joe Somerlad22 October 2020 09.33

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