2012 iPad 4 Is Officially Obsolete

The iPad 4 isn’t remembered that much, or for the wrong reasons. This 2012 generation was actually launched shortly after the iPad 3 (which debuted the Retina screen), which angered a lot of users who seemed to have been fooled by buying a tablet. Six months old.

The iPad 4, whose release was followed by the first-generation iPad mini unveiled at the same time, also replaced the 30-pin connector port with Lightning, forcing customers to throw in a lot of accessories. Finally, the following year, Apple completely renewed the design of the range with the decidedly more powerful iPad Air, but also thinner and narrower.

As we learn, the iPad 4 joins the list of outdated and obsolete Apple products from yesterday MacRumors. The tablet can still operate under iOS 10.3.4 today, but apart from a few uses (like a digital book reader), it’s true that it’s less capable than some Macs released over the years. There, and those who can always be of great service.

Speaking of which, Apple also added the Mac mini to its list in late 2012.

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