20,000 requests received from migrants to get QR codes

By Damien Bauhors | Posted on 08/05/2021 at 13:46 | Updated on 08/05/2021 at 13:55

Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne was the guest of France Inter this Thursday, August 5, 2021. The Secretary of State for Europe and the Minister of Foreign Affairs returned to the new device to allow French people abroad to obtain their health passes.

4,500 QR codes have already been sent to French expatriates

The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs this week announced the establishment of a dedicated unit to verify the full immunization schedules of French people living abroad. This device (explained in our article Health Pass: How can expatriates obtain their QR codes?) allows French people living abroad to be vaccinated outside the European Union, but with a vaccine recognized by France as a QR code. To be able to receive allows TousAntiCovid must be scanned on the app. All the more precious sesame in the form of health pass should be extended from August 9, 2021. “Two days ago, we were able to send 1500 QR codes, yesterday 3000, and we have already received 20,000 requests”, announced Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne on the microphone of France Inter.

No more quarantine for French travelers traveling to UK

The Secretary of State for Tourism, French People Foreign and La Francophonie also spoke of the end of the quarantine for French travelers in the United Kingdom: “The contacts were permanent, on scientific, rational elements, we see that had the potential to hold back normal rules compared to what was done with other European countries”. “We have interconnected our IT systems between the NHS, the health authority in the United Kingdom, and TousAntiCovid, which will enable our French people living in Great Britain in particular to obtain their health passes”, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne also clarified.

The United States is not lifting travel restrictions for French immigrants

The bad news about travel to the United States, however, is always impossible, unless a fortnight has been made in a country outside the Schengen area, still classified red: “Together with Jean-Yves Le Drian and the President of the Republic, we never cease to emphasize to the US authorities their ability to reopen. We ourselves have done this to vaccinated people around the world, regardless of their country of origin. Be that as it may, because we believe that the vaccine is the key and that it reduces the risk for all.

However, the issue of reciprocity has never been on the table: “It would have been a double penalty for us: not only would we be denied access to the United States, but we would also have denied ourselves an American client.”

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