200 mourners at ‘disrespectful’ janaza are ignoring restrictions in the procession

200 mourners at ‘disrespectful’ janaza are ignoring restrictions in the procession

The rally was held at the Castle Bromwich Hall Hotel (Photo: BPM Media)

About 200 mourners were found cremated under a janaza after people reported violating the Carnavirus ban.

Officials were called to the Castle Bromwich Hall Hotel in Birmingham after learning that a huge rally was taking place on Friday. One excited resident described how there was loud music that made the house tremble.

They told Birmingham Live: ‘I called the police twice. They told me they had multiple calls. The music shook the house and there is someone at the microphone who ignores the regular assembly.

‘When I came home from work in the evening, there were cars parked on the sidewalks and grassy streets. My wife told me that the music started at dawn and finally ended at around 8 pm. It’s disrespectful. ‘

One person who went to eat at the hotel said the car park at the event was so crowded that he was parking on the side of the road and claimed that he was entering at least 40 people at that mark.

Under current coronavirus restrictions in the UK, janaza may not be attended by up to 30 people, but social distance must also be observed.

A spokesman for the West Midlands Police said: ‘We took part in the news of the huge gathering of about 200 people at the Castle Bromwich Hall Hotel on Chester Road on Friday evening, September 25th.

‘Officers were advised it was a funeral. We were involved in public gatherings, to remind that government guidelines apply to janazas and spread the numbers. “

The employee who authorized the event has been released from the hotel, a spokesman confirmed.

They continued: ‘It was as wonderful for us as it was for everyone. We certainly apologized to the hotel but we didn’t know it would happen. As of today, the staff members who arranged it are no longer working for us. “

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