20 million vaccinated in the UK: what to know about the Boris Johnson (risky) strategy

The Perfudious Albion strikes again. With around 20 million vaccine injections in total at the end of February, the United Kingdom is far ahead of Europe. Its management of the epidemic crisis was calm: with 120,000 deaths, against 85,000 in France, according to calculations stopped on February 20, 2021, the country is far ahead of its neighbors for its death from Kovid-19. But, on his vaccination strategy, Boris Johnson has something to brag about today.

Quick process

Against the backdrop of exiting his country from the European Union (Brexit), the conservative prime minister has made all the winning bets: a quick process for “emergency” marketing authorities for the first vaccines since the beginning of December 2020 – three EU Four weeks prior to -, dangerous postponement for three months instead of three or four weeks – the number of second injections required, so as to maximize the number of those receiving the first, skillful preemption on some of the sera. Franco-Austrian Walneva, which would have to be distributed as a priority for the United Kingdom, etc. For Johnson, it is still too early to celebrate the supremacy of his strategy over the European Union: Scientists are concerned, for example, about the time rift between the two inoculations, especially arguing that choreoviruses have British version can take advantage of the time given for “protection” How to do vaccine protection …

This is only a hypothesis, but day after day, since the scandal eruption over delayed deliveries of the AstraZeneca vaccine – most anticipated of all for mass vaccination – for EU countries, it is becoming very reassuring: Current success. The United Kingdom is largely due to its own contract with the Anglo-Swedish multinational. In this document, more than one endowed with the European Commission (page 46 against 34), a group of clauses allows British authorities to refuse in Brussels. AstraZeneca operates in such a way that no other contract with other entities prevents it from fulfilling its obligations to the United Kingdom, a provision which the European Union has not included.

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When the eu rolls

The British text devotes long development to the manufacturing and supply chain reserved for the United Kingdom, when Brussels discusses the issue only in a global way: it is precisely the failures of the European subcontinent that have introduced English and Welsh to the European Union Has created a shortage of. Factories continued to operate at full capacity to supply Britain, while receiving much needed raw materials from the continent.

All the more shocking circuits for many in the European capital, based on these same contracts, the Commission has already paid 336 million euros to AstraZeneca to support all stages of production, while the United Kingdom does not dispose of its invitations Multinational, up to thirty days after delivery. Think Europeans roll in flour…

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