2. Outno Film Festival 2021

Theaters will be closed at least until the end of February – time for the second Outano Film Festival! Twelve films will compete for the Golden Couch between 6 February and 14 February.

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In May 2020 we started the first Outano Film Festival. Since coronoviruses have not yet been eradicated this year and the Federal Council has closed theaters, it is high time for the new version. So here we present – Tada! – The 2 Outon Film Festival (ONFF). It will be from 6 February to 14 February 2021.

This time, twelve films from ten countries are competing for the main prize, the Golden Sofa. As an innovation, the award will be chosen this year by a three-man external jury. We will introduce the jury members over the next few days. The OutOne delegation will be separately awarded the “Critic Award”.

In addition to twelve films in the competition, eight more are out of the competition and two are … uh … bloodless films compared to “Midnight Madness”. And here is the program!

International competition

Securities – Switzerland, 2019. Director: Carmen Stadler (opening film) – Available on Filmingo and Myfilm
song – Peru, 2019. Director. Melina Leone – Available at Filmingo
the Forgotten – Ukraine, 2019. Director: Daria Onishenko – Available on myfilm
The hater – Poland, 2019. Director: Jan Komasa – Available on Netflix
Initially S.G. – Argentina, 2019. Director: Raina Etieh, Daniel Garcia – available at Filmingo
Live – Germany, 2020. Director: Lisa Charlotte Friedrich – Kino On Demand Available
end of me. Your start – Germany, 2019. Director: Mariko Minoguchi, Germany – Available on Kino On Demand
New lithuania – Lithuania, 2019. Director: Karolis Koupinis – Available at MUBI
a sun – China, 2019. Director: Mong-Hong Chung – Available on Netflix
to the ends of the earth – Japan, 2019. Director: Kiyoshi Kurosawa – Available at Filmingo
two one – Great Britain, 2019. Director: Juan Cabral – Available at MUBI
We parents – Switzerland, 2019. Directors: Eric Bergkraut, Ruth Schwickert – Available on Cinephile

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Out of competition

African mirror – Switzerland, 2019. Director: Misha Hedinger – available at Cinefeli
The bronx – France, 2020. Director: Olivier Marshall – Available on Netflix
The Craft: Legacy – USA, 2020. Director: Zoe Lister Jones – Available on Rakuten / Sky Store / Swisscom (Blue TV)
Best season – USA, 2020. Director: Klee Duval – Available on Rakuten / Sky Store / iTunes / Swisscom (Blue TV)
Human capital – United States of America, 2019. Directed by Mark Meyers – Available at Rakuten / Sky Store
Spontaneous – USA, 2020. Director: Brian Duffield – Available on Rakuten / iTunes
the way back – USA, 2020. Director: Gavin O’Connor – Available on Rakuten / Sky Store / Swisscom (Blue TV)
Wendy – USA, 2020. Director: Benh Zitlin (Graduation Film) – Available on Rakuten / Swisscom (Blue TV)

midnight Madness

Captor – Norway, 2020. Director: Jarad Herald – Available on Netflix
Nocturnal – USA, 2020. Director: Joo Quirke – Available on Primdev

Various streaming services, on which movies can be viewed, will be presented in more detail over the next few days.

We are really looking forward to the festival!

File: 2. Outno Film Festival 2021

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