2 million unemployed reached, forecast

The uk In trouble: fast Unemployment It can reach unstable levels.

At a time when the country is facing one of the worst periods of the pandemic, with variants that have forced the country into heavy detainees, projections on the world of work are bleak.

Governance johnson Lockdown is expected to be reduced by intensifying vaccines. But the economic and social wounds of the epidemic are still open: 2 million workers According to a new study, they are on the verge of losing their jobs.

What will happen with this? The uk, Will it be a recovery or a deep crisis?

Britain: A Profession Drama On The Way?

The biggest challenge of the world’s most important countries is to stop bleeding Lost a job Causes of epidemic disaster.

The emergency is global: America must confront it with the Biden plan, as well as in Europe, with Italy, for example, the real urgency of the Draghi government, at the forefront of current poverty and social inequalities.

The United Kingdom case is therefore not isolated. However, a recent study’s predictions are impressive: almost 2.6 million people, or8% workersPlan to Lose your place Over the next three months, according to a survey about long-term damage to the economy from coronovirus.

The figures include workers who have already been reported They will be fired, With low-risk young people and high-income people: comes from data Sankalp Foundation.

The analysis found that nearly 2 million people were already unemployed or on leave in the past six months, a period that puts them at greater risk of losing their jobs in the spring.

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A separate survey by the British Chambers of Commerce found that a quarter 1,100 companies Respondents are planning Loss of employment Will government assistance programs end as planned.

Gloomy landscape for work

Note of Sankalp Foundation was clear: “While Britain’s economic outlook is finally improving,Job insecurity High stays, especially among those who have spent long hours without working or who are currently made redundant. “

They were nearly counted in the analysis 2 million workers as unemployed Or completely closed for six months through January.

But the scenario deteriorated. In early 2021, a full national lockout took effect, leading to the closure of all non-essential restaurants, bars and shops. About 4.5 million people went to work last month, what will happen to them? 21% of them, according to the study, are preparing for a layoff notice.

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