2 million people have been suffering from covid for a long time

Nearly two million people in the UK are still suffering from symptoms of the coronavirus more than four weeks after being infected, according to a study “tall covidPublished by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on Wednesday, June 1.

According to this ONS study, in 376,000 of these people, symptoms persist for more than two years. Persistent symptoms, especially fatigue, shortness of breath, cough and muscle aches, affected 1.4 million people (71%) in their daily activities and “strongly limited» that infected 398,000 (20%). People aged 35 to 69 years, women, living in less privileged areas or working in health care or education are more likely to report it”tall covid,

These figures are based on statements collected from a representative sample of people over the age of 2 years living in private households and surveyed during the four weeks ending May 1, and not on medical diagnosis. The United Kingdom is one of the worst-hit countries in Europe by the pandemic, with nearly 180,000 deaths. According to ONS estimates, it has lifted all anti-Covid restrictions and continues to infect over one lakh people per week.

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