2 female Toros will soon be sent around the Moon. news

The Artemis 1 program aims to establish a human presence on the Moon within a decade. In this context, NASA has equipped two mannequins with sensors to understand the harmful effects of space radiation on the woman’s body.

According to the report of Science Post, these models named Helga and Zohar are going to orbit the moon twice. They are equipped with over 10,000 passive sensors and 34 active radiation detectors.

One will wear protection – a vest called AstroRed – while the other will travel to the Moon without it. According to the scientific site, a third dummy will also be on the voyage for the purpose of collecting data on flight acceleration and vibration.

The Artemis program is the first to land a woman on the Moon. However, the latter may be more likely to be exposed to space radiation. A woman will have a higher risk of getting cancer or having an adverse effect on her reproductive health.

The launch of the first rocket should take place during the year, perhaps this summer, with this unmanned mission around the night star from Florida (USA).

a 26 day trip

NASA’s massive Space Launch System (SLS) rocket will be topped with an Orion capsule, which will house astronauts. Following a similar trajectory as the Apollo 8 mission, the rocket will travel between Earth and the Moon for an estimated 26-day journey.

On April 19, SLS was towed back to its assembly building after failing the first test at its launch pad in Florida.

The test involved repeating all the steps from filling the tanks to the final countdown – stopping just before the engine started running.

NASA has not yet specified when it wants to test a new one, but repairs to the assembly building should take at least several weeks.

The SLS take-off date will be announced after the dress rehearsal. The following launch windows, specifically determined by the positions of the Earth and Moon, extend from June 29 to July 12, then from July 26 to August 9.

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