1m52 bus driver lost his job because of his height

More than 25,000 people have signed a petition in support of this 50-year-old woman who has been denied a job because of her size., Tracy Scholes, 57, had been a bus driver in Manchester, UK, for 34 years when she got very bad news.

The carrier that hired him replaced the control station for most of his vehiclesdescribes the newspaper Progress. Result: This employee of Go North West Bus Company, which measures 1m52, “Can’t reach pedal without blind spot” and Had to resign from the post.

“I’ve never had a problem driving a bus to this day. But they did replace one of the windows on some vehicles and a blind spot has appeared“, told the fifty-year-old BBC. If she settles back into her seat, she cannot reach the pedals “and can drive safely”. “I just want my job back,” she laments. His company offered to reduce his working hours or accept a dismissal, An impossible choice for Tracy Scholes who can’t pay less.

The company believes it has done what is necessary

finally fired, he decided file an appeal While “more than 25,000 people have signed a petition” to support him in his fight. Many people also gathered in front of his former employer’s depot. A mobilization that “harassed” this former employeeThis company’s “first female driver” north of Manchester, report our partners.

For its part, the bus company assured that “All attempts to fix the problem have been ‘refutable'” by Tracy Scholes, “We have 13,000 bus drivers of all sizes in the UK, even those under 1m50, and only one driver has expressed reservations,” management said. He also said that this recent modification of the buses was done in agreement with the unions for “safety reasons”.

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