1,820 more deaths in Britain, worst after epidemic onset

The United Kingdom recorded 1820 additional deaths from Kovid-19 on Wednesday, 20 January, a new tragic record from the onset of the epidemic. These figures from the Department of Health bring the epidemic toll in the United Kingdom to Europe’s heaviest, 93,290 dead (within 28 days of a positive test). In 24 hours, 38,905 additional cases were also identified, confirming a decline in recent times, for a total of over 3.5 million cases.

Faced at the end of the year with an outbreak of contamination caused by a more contagious version of the virus, British authorities have imposed severe imprisonment on the population with the closure of schools, and hope to lift it with the current vaccination campaign.

With more than 340,000 injections recorded in 24 hours, the number of people receiving the dose on Wednesday exceeded 4.6 million. The government aims to have more than 70 more caregivers or about 15 million people vaccinated by mid-February, in a country of some 66 million people.

If the number of pollution has declined sharply in recent times, officials have warned that it will be necessary to wait until before hospitalization and deaths decline.

The situation is “Very, very bad right now, with tremendous pressure, and in some cases it feels like a war zone about how to treat people” In the hospitals, government science consultant Patrick Valence told Sky News. Currently, 37,946 patients with Kovid-19 are hospitalized (including 3,916 on ventilators), much higher than in the first wave of spring.

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