144,000 genetically modified mosquitoes to be released soon

Facing the spread of diseases such as zika, dengue, yellow fever, the United States has decided to test a new method that the authorities wish could make it possible to reduce the population of mosquitoes responsible for these diseases . Aedes aegypti US health officials aim, more precisely, in Florida. Known for its mild climate which is favorable for the spread of insects and other insects.

The recent spread of zika disease has nothing to do with it. US health officials will release genetically modified mosquitoes into the forest, which aims to reduce the population, reports NBC News. These mosquitoes have not been genetically modified to bite humans but to mating with biting females and producing other mosquitoes that will not survive.

With this process, the new generation of mosquitoes born from the above two will not survive for long, eventually leading to a drastic reduction in population according to scientists. «As we see the development of resistance to some of our existing control methods, we need new equipment to fight this mosquito.» Insist on Andrea Leal, One of the scientists in charge of the project. This method had already proved its utility in Brazil, where the number of mosquitoes in the city actually decreased. Piracicaba.

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