14 candidates for the title of antimatter-turned-stars

Can antimatter make anti-stars? Are the suns that are necessarily a little weird, made up of anti-hydrogen atoms to give the helium anti-atoms? In addition to the formidable effect on our imagination, it will help to clarify the mystery of the disappearance of the antimatter, which can be compared to the image of matter in a particular mirror: it reverses some properties of particles, such as electric charge And the leaves remained unchanged like other people. In theory, substances and antimatter originated in equal parts during the Big Bang. But Antimatter is gone. It is not found sporadically anywhere, in particulate matter or as antiparticles in the atmosphere. Did he take refuge in some kind of antworld? A team of researchers from the University of Toulouse has taken a very serious view of this hypothesis, and has given only one answer. Physical Review D. The study’s authors state that they have identified 14 sources in our galaxy that have good candidates for the title of “opposing stars”. In other words, in our current state of knowledge, nothing says that there is not. But to conclude from there that it is there, it is another story…

An opposing star for 400,000 stars

If these opposing stars are present, they are regularly bombarded by ordinary matter, and are blown up by “classic” stars, especially in hydrogen and helium.

The meeting between atoms and opposing atoms always results in a draw: particles and antiparticles dissipate each other in a barrage of gamma photons. Viewed from Earth, an anti-star would therefore be a source of gamma rays. However, there is a catalog, produced by NASA’s Fermi Space Telescope. “We have studied about 5,800 sources recorded by Fermi in the last ten years, looking for candidates, report for Science and future The study’s co-signer Simon DuPorque. We had to do a pruning to remove previously known sources such as pulsars or active galaxy nuclei. [des trous noirs super massifs], But also whose emissions do not correspond to the destruction of a case antimatter“Actually, gamma rays can carry very different energies from 104 From 1012 Electrovolts. They are among the lowest fringes tracked by researchers, around 70,106 eV. “In this way we managed to identify the 14 stars that emerge in this range. By imagining that they live and die like stars, we get a figure about one opposing star for every 400,000 stars. “

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Eight antihelium atoms were detected by the International Space Station

However, the researchers’ approach is not meant to demonstrate the existence of stars. Rather, it would be the other way around. “We have not imagined a moment to search for such stars, Confirms Simon Duparquay. They are candidates, unless new constraints on their characteristics allow us to further tighten the number of possible opposing stars. Our estimate is already divided by 20 which was made in 2014, with the first Fermi reading.“In fact, the emission of gamma rays is a necessary condition, but not sufficient to create an opposing star. More accurate measurements of the radiation of these candidates would probably demonstrate that they are indeed classic stars.

The fact that one might be surprised about this interruption of physicists is that they are searching for stars in which they do not really believe … “This all came from the detection of eight antihelium nuclei in 2018 by an instrument installed on the International Space Station.Simon Dupourqué, recalls. When antimic rays strike atoms in the atmosphere, it is common for antiparticles to form. But these are elementary particles. In contrast, the anthelium is an assembly of two antiprotons and several antinutrons. We have no explanation as to their formation …“Or rather, the only explanation would be that these opposing atoms were blown up by their opposing stars … so researchers discovered.”We should explore this hypothesis, even if it means later invalidating it. Knowing that it is also possible to find out is only an error“. Anyway, nothing stops us from thinking about these fictional opposing stars, which glow in the universe, like for any case the many deadly traps that come to rub against them…

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