120 FPS Mode Available For Halo Infinite On Xbox Series S!

while season two hello infinity Starting in the final hours, the teams at 343 Industries have made several changes to the game. If additional material is available in this article along with the launch video, the technical side need not be shy either.

Play in 120 FPS on Xbox Series S? It’s Now Possible on Hello Infinity

The site has undergone several technical and comfort improvements. hallowaypoint, Main one very good news for players Xbox Series S, since 120 frames per second mode is visible! Between its opacity and its thickness, it is also possible to completely modify the border it appears on players. The developers at 343 Industries even went so far as to allow it to be removed entirely. This promises a lot of confusion as this boundary is often the only way to separate an ally and an enemy… except in certain ways every man for himself.

Bots are also more efficient:

  • They can ride in friendly vehicles
  • the full purpose in capturing the flag or territory
  • their abilities can be more easily adjusted in the training part

More about Hello Infinite:

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