10th edition of Arab Literature Prize launched

The Institute of the Arab World (IMA) and the Jean-Luc Lagarde Foundation on Wednesday announced the launch of a call for applications for the 10th edition of the Prize for Arab Literature, one of the rare French prizes, which distinguishes Arabic literature.

Created in 2013 and endowed with 10,000 euros, the Prize for Arabic Literature promotes the work (novel or collection of short stories) of an author of the Arab League, the author of a work written in Arabic and translated (or directly) into French. Written in French) ) and self-published between September 1, 2021 and August 31, 2022.

The selection of six to eight final works will be announced in early September. The selected works will be presented to members of the jury – eminent personalities from the worlds of media, art and culture as well as experts from the Arab world – who will then meet to nominate the winner, specifying the organisers. A press release…

Since its creation by the Jean-Luc Lagardere Foundation and the Arab World Institute, the Arab Literature Prize has been awarded in 2013 to Jabbor Douyhi (Lebanon), in 2015 to Mohamed Hassan Alwan (Saudi Arabia), in 2016 to Inam Kachachi (Iraq) Is. ), Mohamed Abdelnabi (Egypt) in 2019, Abdelaziz Baraka Sakin (Sudan) in 2020 and Jokha Alarthi (Oman) in 2021 for her novel The Celestial Bodies. Application submission is open till June 30, 2022. For works scheduled for publication after June 30, 2022, publishers may initially only send proofs to the Foundation.

It should be remembered that the Arab World Institute was designed to establish strong and lasting links between cultures, to develop a genuine dialogue between the Arab world, France and Europe. This multidisciplinary space is a privileged place for the development of cultural projects, often designed in collaboration with institutions, creators and thinkers from the Arab world.

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The Arab World Institute is firmly rooted in the present. Its purpose is to reflect all the energies of the Arab world. Thus it intends to mark its unique place in the landscape of cultural institutions. No other establishment in the world offers such a wide array of events related to the Arab world.

Debates, symposia, symposia, conferences, dance performances, concerts, films, books, meetings, language courses, civilization courses, major exhibitions allow the public of IMA to face this singular and exhilarating world every day.

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