“100% renewable” electricity for older Autolib terminals, overall

Total Group has taken over the management of charging stations for electric vehicles in Paris from the old Autolib ‘network, changed babble’ and is now supplied with “100% renewable electricity”, the oil company announced in a press release on Wednesday Of.

“Belib ‘charging stations are now supplied with 100% renewable electricity, supplied by total direct energy”, the group argued, adding that it intends to develop in the coming months “one of the solar power plants in France The fleet which will be fully dedicated to meet all the power needs of this network ”.

The current network was restarted “without interruption in service last Thursday” and after the change “after the deployment of new charging stations to fully upgrade the old Autolib ‘network, the total was specified. Will go.

The group, which won calls for tenders from the city of Paris last November and became network manager for 10 years, announced a “more than 50% increase of recharge offers” in the French capital, with more than 2,300 charging points eventually. Huh. Under the Bélib brand.

Total said, “Terminals already in operation continue to be accessible, without interruption of service, to total customers”.

This partnership is “part of our strategy to be a recognized player in the energy transition to sustainable mobility”, announced in the press release, CEO of Total, Patrick Pauen, who is already in London, Brussels and Metropolis for electric vehicles Operates charging station. Area of ​​Amsterdam.

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