10 Takeaways from the Colts 10-6 Victory over the Patriots in Germany

Title: Colts Rally to Win 10-6 Over Patriots in Germany


In an international showdown held in Frankfurt, Germany, the Indianapolis Colts emerged victorious with a hard-fought 10-6 win over the New England Patriots. Despite the challenges of jet lag and chilly weather, both teams engaged in a defensive slugfest that captivated fans. Here are the key highlights from the match and the week leading up to it.

Defensive Plan Shines:

The Colts were able to dominate the game with their pass rush and an outstanding defensive game plan. Their strategy effectively limited the Patriots’ offensive opportunities and ultimately led to quarterback Mac Jones being benched after struggling with interceptions.

Colts Overcome Quarterback Challenges:

With starting quarterback Carson Wentz sidelined due to COVID-19 protocols, the Colts had to rely on backup Gardner Minshew. While Minshew showed glimpses of promise, his performance on the move led to missed throws and an interception. Nevertheless, his presence provided reassurance to the Colts’ offense.

Wide Receiver Standouts:

Despite being questionable for the game due to a knee injury, Josh Downs played a pivotal role as a slot receiver for the Colts. His ability to navigate both man and zone defense showcased his value in crucial plays throughout the match.

Jonathan Taylor’s Impact:

The Colts heavily relied on Jonathan Taylor in the game, giving him the majority of carries. Despite limited yardage against New England’s strong run defense, Taylor’s touchdown run on 4th-and-goal proved to be the game-changing moment that sealed the victory for the Colts.

Shaquille Leonard’s Frustrations:

Defensive player Shaquille Leonard expressed frustration with his limited playing time, particularly on third downs. However, his missed opportunities during the game highlighted the need for impactful plays to earn more time on the field.

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Dayo Odeyingbo Shines:

Rookie edge rusher Dayo Odeyingbo showcased his potential and impact on the game, recording three impressive sacks during passing downs. His performance was vital to the Colts’ defensive success.

Edge Rush Challenges:

The Colts’ outside linebackers, Samson Ebukam and Kwity Paye, encountered difficulties against strong offensive lines and mobile quarterbacks. They struggled to maintain their performance against tougher opponents, highlighting areas for improvement.

Questionable Sneak Play:

The Colts’ attempt at the “tush push” sneak play with Minshew did not yield successful results. This play might be better suited for Anthony Richardson, given his size and strength.

Grover Stewart’s Absence Impact:

The Colts’ run defense suffered significantly in games where Grover Stewart was absent due to suspension. The team struggled to contain opposing rushers and heavily relied on DeForest Buckner for defensive impact.

Cultural Connection:

Colts players Bernhard Raimann and Marcel Dabo, both from Europe, found solace and pride in speaking German to each other. Their shared experience and unique journey to the NFL highlighted their notable contribution to the growing popularity of football in Europe.


The Colts’ 10-6 victory over the Patriots in Germany showcased their defensive prowess and ability to overcome quarterback challenges. Key players such as Jonathan Taylor and Dayo Odeyingbo made significant contributions to secure the win. The cultural connection among European players on the Colts underscored the impact and popularity of football in Europe, solidifying the game’s global appeal.

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