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The most popular sport in the world, football has always created an atmosphere of madness. The enthusiasm remains the same among millions of spectators watching the match from the stadium to the screen. Apart from traditional television, channels have also turned to digital offerings to adapt to the new technologies.

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Live streaming has become a very popular medium in the community in just a few years. Here is a guide to the best platforms offering the most interesting live matches.

1-Amazon Prime Video

Formerly specialized in the distribution of multimedia content, amazon head Video Recently it has increased its influence in the football world. with your special The Ligue 1 PassAmazon Prime has become the first streaming platform for the French Championship. except for almost all matches of league 1, prime video also broadcasts the meetings of league 2 Live. Since the French Championship is one of the 5 most coveted championships in the world of football, Amazon Prime’s offer is a must. To access it, it is ideal to download the application. You will then need to subscribe to Amazon Prime for €5.99/month and then the Ligue 1 Pass option available at €12.99/month.

4- Mycanal

canal offer , The dedicated football for streaming also gives pride of place. So a subscription to myCanal can give you access to many competitions around the world. Some Ligue 1 matches are also available for live streaming as well as for various European Championships. with initial offer of 24,99 € (without liability) per year you will benefit from broadcasts of the Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, Supercup and Europa Conference League. La Liga and Superliga have been integrated into Sport+ pack priced at €45.99/year, a special rate of 12,49 € Also available for children under 26.

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3- Bean Sport Connect

leg sport There is a huge network with many channels dedicated to sports. his proposal BeIn Sport Connect is the one that is usually cut out for digital. With this subscription, BeIn Sport channels are easily accessible on gadgets like smartphones, tablets and computers. The offer essentially provides access to the Champions League, Ligue 2, La Liga and Superliga. It is available at the cost of 15 € / month without engagement. The uniqueness of Bean Sport Connect is that it can only be accessed through the My Canal application. It is an exclusive partnership between two sports media that makes this possible.

4- RMC Sport

on PC or on mobile devices, RMC Sport Broadcasts football matches live and in streaming. Through partnerships and direct contracts, the channel owns the television rights to most of European football. From the Premier League to the Champions League through Europe Conference League, Europa League and Liga Nos, customers have access to important matches. RMC Sport’s digital offer prices are €19 with a one (1) year commitment and 25 € without engagement. RMC Sport subscribers can also connect directly from their browser and the channel’s mobile application.

5- Team

L’Équipe is a French channel specializing in various sports. In between its professional and basketball match schedules, the team also broadcasts some football matches live. The Copa del Rey (Spain), Ligue 2 (France) and Jupiter Pro League (Belgium) are available for free in live streaming. Despite its free access, the team remains a legit channel that works in partnership with other channels. The channel’s website can be accessed through PC or mobile.

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6- Skysports

The Premier League is often referred to as the biggest soccer league in the world. All the matches are really intense. sky game Privileged channel to watch this championship live. Sky Sports Premier League is the exclusively dedicated branch and Sky Sports Football is the channel on which international football matches are broadcast. It is necessary to specify that SkySports’ digital payment offering that provides access to live streaming is only available in the United Kingdom. But to access it from abroad, football fans often use VPN software; A perfectly legal move.

7- Eurosport

rather generalist, eurosport It also broadcasts football matches live. their special offer eurosport player Available in digital version only. From the website or application (iOS and Android), subscribers can follow scheduled meetings live. Eurosport Player Membership Cost €6.99/month With a commitment of 12 months or € 9.99 / month With 1 month commitment. Also offers an annual subscription to Eurosport 69.99 € With 1 year commitment.


It is a sports channel that is slowly expanding its influence in France. DAZN FRANCE Exclusively offers live streaming of several sporting events including the Women’s Champions League. The channel’s international branches broadcast several prestigious championships in various countries including Germany, England and Italy. DAZN France Membership Cost € 1.99 per month without engagement. Smartphone, tablet or PC users can access it.

9- Student Games

It is a multinational sports channel that broadcasts various football matches of several European Championships. League 1 is also broadcast live on the company’s digital channels. But long before we set our eyes on the French Championships, eleven games Already had rights to the Italian Serie A and the Spanish La Liga. In Belgium, channel offers are available here 4.99 Euro per day, 14.99 Euro per month and 149 euro The year. You will obviously need a VPN to access it from anywhere in France or abroad.

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10- 6play

This streaming platform launched by M6 Occasionally broadcasts live soccer matches as well. For some special occasions, some meetings are broadcast free of charge. It could be some matches of the France team or some big posters of the cup. Ligue 1 matches are also occasionally broadcast by W9 In association with BeIn Sports.

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