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On the occasion of this sales weekend, Amazon is still uncovering tons of good deals. For this third weekend, Trader continues to compete with SFR with French players such as Sidyscount, FNAC, Dirty or Red. The latter are still doing very well with high-end offers. To help you see this more clearly, we have given a list of the best promotions this Sunday.

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During the sale, Amazon highlights two different types of offers. Flash deals, promotions accessible directly from the stage’s main menu. They do not stay online for long, as they mainly target popular brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Apple and Sony. These are big name concern techniques, but all product themes are highlighted with these offers.

For sale on Amazon, you can also find red thread promotions. These types of discounts target tonnage references whose prices fall when new markdowns are announced. In short, the deduction always becomes more profitable each week to be more attractive. This is the case in this period of the third markdown.

Sell ​​on amazon

The sale served as a real destructive operation for many years. This allowed merchants to sell their stock, except that it was often less attractive to the public for related products. There was also the arrival of other periods of shock promotions such as Black Friday. As the program gradually lost its interest due to this reason, the government’s strategy changed.

Now, sales on Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac or Darty only last 4 weeks. Earlier, the winter operation had spread over 6 weeks. With this change, online merchants are being pushed to post their best deals in the short term so that they do not end up with too much stock. This edition will end on February 16, 2021.

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On the other hand, Amazon has not been on sale for a very long time. For many years, businessmen did not attend the event, preferring to focus on other more international works. It has been 2 years since he revised his copy to fully engage in this period of deals. The big advantage lies in the fact that he does not own a large stock, which allows him to do more premium deals.

For this reason, sales on Amazon give rise to beautiful Flash offers on products from major brands. They did not hesitate to put forward offerings on the MacBook M1, Microsoft Surface Pro or AirPods Pro as part of this operation. Some of these deals are still relevant due to stockouts, so don’t hesitate for long to still take advantage of promotions on the trading platform.

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Sales, a great opportunity

Sales on Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac and even Darty are under state control, which is not the case on Black Friday or Prime Day. This means that this bi-annual operation is governed by various regulations as these are the times when traders can sell at a loss. In short, they have the right to sell at lower prices than the products on which they had previously purchased them.

In fact, this means that discounts are more interesting than during other tasks, they can go up to -80% depending on the context. References to the most popular brands do not necessarily mean their prices are so low, but it still allows significant savings. When this sale does not occur, Amazon and others are not allowed to sell the products at a loss. Simply put, discounts are more aggressive during sales than on Black Friday.

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For many years, sales on Amazon and elsewhere have focused on fashion. The categories of related products are now very high on all merchants. If high-tech is in the headlines on all e-commerce sites, all themes are concerned – our list logically focuses on electronic products. All players currently have several thousand deals available for the duration of this good deal.

A second chance with amazon

During the sale on Amazon, ordering is the same as the rest of the year. This means that you are entitled to a 30-day withdrawal period after delivery. On Cdiscount, Fnac or Darty, this same period extends over 14 days, this being the minimum required in France. If you change your mind about an article, it gives you time.

This weekend of sales on Amazon and elsewhere is in full swing, the challenge will still be to find the online nuggets. There have been several stockouts since the start of the third markdown. The next one starts on Wednesday, it almost looks like the end of the deal, leaving you with very little time to get some good deals. If you have some availability this Sunday, it’s time to visit the trading platform.

During this version of the sale, Amazon is the player of choice. However, it is not the only one who is at this point that Cdiscount presents itself as the benchmark player in this operation. The online merchant has been involved in this phenomenon for years, he gets tons of offers. This weekend is still the same, don’t hesitate to take a look at the French businessman to find some beautiful nuggets.

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