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This is the first weekend of sales at Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac and Darty. The operation began with a bang on Wednesday, with thousands of promotions on the web. To sell their stock, cyber traders are more lenient than previous versions. Below, our selection of good deals to grab this Saturday.

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All merchants have their own habits during the sale: Amazon and others focus on flash deals as well as red thread offerings. Simply put, the former are shock promotions – but they are limited by time and available inventory. If you see them on products that you like, you may go away for some time.

Sales on Amazon, CDScount and others are also an opportunity to find promotions in common threads. It is also easy to understand, these deals follow the normal markdown, so product prices fall again each week to follow the traditional event format. Discounts can go up to -80%, but affected products are often less popular than those shown in flash sales. Both deal formats are opportunities to save money.

Amazon completely for this first week of sale

Sales on Amazon, CDScount, Fnac and Darty attracted people from the first days of operation. The event runs for 4 weeks, we already know that it will attract many customers over time. The French have become accustomed to shopping online so that they do not have to go to the store and meet many people. Therefore the Internet should be the big winner of this change in behavior.

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Sales on Amazon and other platforms began Wednesday. As we said, this is not usually the case. And for good reason, the health context prompted the government to postpone operations for several weeks. This year, it occurs during this period instead of the beginning of January. The event takes place from Wednesday 20 January to the middle of February.

On the other hand, sales only last 4 weeks on Amazon and stores. The previous version lasted 6 weeks, except that the government decided that shortening this operation would improve the proposals. Thus, the event is qualitative to take place against the rise of Black Friday and the recent Prime Day.

During this first week of sales, Amazon, CDScount or even Funak and Darty have been strong. We have seen crazy deals on popular products. The first stockout is already done, it should continue until the end of this week as there should be more time for online shopping in French.

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Winter sales are on the attack

Sales at Amazon, Cdiscount have started with great fanfare. All merchants can sell at a loss during this period, which justifies the crazy deals seen on the e-commerce platform since the launch of the operation. This decision also means that the discounts are higher than those observed during traditional Black Friday.

While on sale on Amazon, we have already been able to spot some crazy deals – all on popular products whose success is well established. The businessman has focused his forces on bringing the prices of AirPods Pro, headphones 700 from Bose as well as Surface Pro 7 down from Microsoft. These are just examples, tons of other products are affected.

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For sale, Amazon is not the only one to ship heavily since launch. Cdiscount also has great offers with a premium deal on the Dyson V7 vacuum cleaner while Fnac is keenly interested in the MacBook Pro. No matter who the online merchant is, you can do great business. Remember to shop on various online platforms.

Remember that sales on Amazon, CDScount, Fnac and Darty are based on uncovering the best offers during the start of the event. It is like this weekend, many new deals have been online since this morning. This first week is best for finding nuggets before mass stockouts.

Amazon gives time to its customers

For sales, Amazon offers real flexibility to its customers. In addition to the regularly put forward proposals – whether or not during operation, the trader knows how to give his customers a little extra time. It has also been reported as to why the website generates so much interest in France.

To put it simply, whether it is a sale or not, Amazon has a 30-day return period after delivery of your product. It takes all the time to try the product. If you are a regular on the platform, then you know that it is right to try an item from home. This is a great second chance. If you are not familiar with how this works, please note that the refund is free and the refund is complete.

Amazon is strong during sales and the rest of the year. Its competitors Cdiscount, Fnac and Darty offer to return an item up to 14 days after delivery, ie half the time. This is great if you are too quick under the pressure of deals and discounts. In any case, you have the right to a safety net to do your shopping online with peace of mind.

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