10.13 High Sierra – MacBook Pro Retina Mid 2012 Stuck at Startup, SSD Corrupted?

Good morning everybody !

I am asking for your help after a problem with my MacBook. In fact, when I was using it, it froze for no reason and the fan later started blowing very hard. So I waited patiently, and then I ended up closing it and starting it again. But the problem is, this starter got stuck on the apple, stopping progress just before the end of the loading bar.

So I understood that there was probably a problem with the (original) SSD. I tried recovery mode, but once I got Disk Utility, I can’t format my SSD, an error occurs when I want to format it. The same is true if I try to split it, or try to run SOS to analyze it. You should also know that I partitioned my SSD with Boot Camp.

6jz89Nu.pngHe said that the government has taken several steps to prevent such incidents.

What is curious is that by using an external hard drive on which I have installed the Mac OS Mojave, to be able to boot my Mac on it, I can boot Camp into my hard drive with the device and access files and documents I can see inside (but impossible to start boot camp on the other side). I cannot format, partition, or scan boot camp partitions with Disk Utility, the error happens all the time.

This MacBook runs on Mac OS High Sierra if I’m not mistaken, and the DDE I’m running right now is in Mojave.

Can you help me Do you think my internal SSDs can be permanently HS despite the fact that I can still access my data on the boot camp partition? I want to clarify that if at all possible, I would at least hope to be able to recover data on a Mac partition, but my preference remains to be able to repair this SSD, even if it means Is to erase everything.
Thank you in advance, hope you can help me!

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Edit: Sorry, maybe I should post in the “hardware issue” part instead of software …

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