10.00 Euro Spent! Mother (28) Hardly recognizable after mother’s change


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This mother can hardly be recognized after incredible transformation

Dress size 50? No, thank you! Kayleigh Baldwin-Wilkinson has spent a total of about 10,000 euros on her transformation: in Turkey, she underwent a “mommy makeover”, various operations to bring her body back into shape after pregnancy. What will the 28-year-old have to do to achieve the body of her dreams?

Kayleigh Baldwin-Wilkinson has had enough! she wants to change something

It’s hard to believe how much Kayleigh has changed in just one year.

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Kayleigh Baldwin-Wilkinson is 28 years old and lives in Essex, UK. Despite many years of trying to lose weight, nothing is working. Various diets and exercises seem to be of no use, which is why she only becomes more dissatisfied with herself and her body. That’s why the mother of two decides in favor of gastric bypass, as she tells “DailyMail.” This will not only help him shed the extra pounds, but above all, curb his appetite.

Because the mother of Hayley (7) and Harley (4) eats fewer calories, as a result of which she is finally successfully losing weight. Nevertheless, she went under the knife again a year later. This time, however, to remove the excess skin from her serious weight loss. There is also a tummy tuck, a breast lift and a breast implant. Kayleigh now barely recognizes herself and can hardly trust her reflection.

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Junk food and failed diets: Kayleigh rips off

For many years, the 28-year-old suffered: “I was always fat, but after giving birth I began to struggle with my weight. I was constantly on yo-yo diets, lost three kilos and then only Harley After I was born, losing weight became even more difficult. I was stuck in a rut.” She also tells the British newspaper: “I rarely cooked myself because ordering food. It was very easy. I bought £75 worth of junk food at the supermarket, plus an incredible amount for pizza, KFC or McDonald’s.” For herself she sees only one way out of the vicious cycle: gastric bypass. Only this way, she wonders, will she be able to maintain her weight for a long time.

The time has finally come in October 2020: after thorough research, Kayleigh flies to Turkey to carry out the process there. Reason: The process is cheaper there than in Great Britain. The operation goes smoothly and Kayleigh is losing weight – but the extra skin remains.

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On the way to the dream body: after a year there are more operations

With the help of various operations, Kayleigh was finally able to feel good in her body again.

With the help of various operations, Kayleigh was finally able to feel good in her body again.

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Exactly a year later, in October 2021, she went back to Turkey to have another operation at the exact same hospital. “After losing so much weight, I was unhappy with loose skin and needed a little tightening. I had the operation not only for myself but for my kids as well,” Kayleigh explains. After an extra tummy tuck, a breast lift and breast implants, the 28-year-old feels reborn: “I can do more with the kids now, for example swim with them or take a walk in the park.”

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She saved up for the operation – which, according to her own statement, is more than paid. She feels great and her surroundings have also seen a positive change. “I feel great. It’s weird that this all happened within a year. My BMI is healthy now, I don’t feel short of breath when I go up the stairs and my joints don’t hurt.” Even though Kayleigh definitely has some money on her hands for her physical transformation, the transformation is impressive. AND: The main thing is that she feels comfortable and is at peace with herself. (VDU)

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