1 May: A virtual Labor Day in Morocco

For the second consecutive year, the celebration of Labor Day is absent from the main sections and streets of the Kingdom’s cities, as is the preventive measures implemented in many countries of the world to combat the Kovid-19 epidemic.

Decades ago, these places were transformed into a stage of speeches and working-class rallies on May 1, in which employees’ demands were raised through slogans and banners demanding more respect and social justice, particularly For the benefit of the working class. .

The manner in which the May Day celebrations were observed last year has been seen as a source of frustration for this class in the absence of a workers’ gathering due to the state of emergency decided by public officials.

However, this could not prevent the use of social media to communicate between workers and union institutions that represent them on the one hand, and between these unions and government institutions on the other. During Virtual Labor Day, most representative labor organizations broadcast their messages and demands remotely, along with a set of activities and various electronic programs, to commemorate the meetings without meetings.

This year, the government decided to ban all ceremonies on the occasion of Labor Day, according to the state of health emergency. The government justifies its decision by a call initiated for a May 1 celebration on a public highway and application of preventive measures taken to maintain the health of citizens.

The government’s decision also takes into account the development of the state of epidemiology in the state, particularly the risks posed by gatherings in public spaces.

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General Secretary of the General Workers Union of Morocco, Nama Myra indicated that communication with activists during the event would be similar to last year, through social media platforms due to precautionary measures. Negative consequences on various productive sectors.

He added, “The celebration of Workers’ Day for this year comes due to the failure of government policies to record socially meaningful achievements, which makes it possible to say that there is a deadlock on the horizon”.

For his part, Abdelila Dahman, Deputy Secretary-General of the National Union of Labor in Morocco (UNTM), speculated that the celebration of Labor Day 2021 is marked by epidemic consequences and by blocking social dialogues or by regional or tripartite. With the absence of a social monitoring committee or any other institutional mechanism in which the unions participate to ensure preventive protection, whether in the context of health, social rights or human rights.

“Within UNTM, we salute unprecedented imperial initiatives in the field of universal social protection aimed at supporting the purchasing power of Moroccan families, achieving social justice, and maintaining the dignity of citizen and employee”.

HM King Mohammed VI presided at the royal palace in Fez on 14 April, launching the implementation of the project to sign social protection and the first related conventions.

Initially, this royal project would benefit farmers, artisans and craft professionals, traders, professionals and independent providers under single professional contribution governance, self-employed person rule or accounting governance. The project will then be extended to other categories, in which all citizens will be told about the effective normalization of social protection.

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