1 in 8 people have become infected

In December, One in eight people Was infected with new coronovirus in England. This is a clear increase from the previous month (1 in 11), as reported by an official study released on Tuesday 19 January. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, ONS, a Person in ten in Wales, a Of 13 In Northern Ireland and a Of 11 Scotland contracted Kovid-19 in December.

The study is based on randomly conducted antibody tests in the population and thus allows Identify asymptomatic people, And not only those who tested positive. Britain is currently the third wave of viruses, the deadliest. Signifies the death of the country 91,470 people, After entering the record of 1,610 additional deaths in 24 hoursThe worst in Europe, according to an official report, was published on Tuesday. The number of positive cases is also close Is 3.5 million.

The ban is intended to last

To counteract the strong spread of the virus, considered to be very contagious, a new strain, which has appeared in the United Kingdom, has been decided by various constituent nations. To reconfigure and close schoolsWith different timetables, each decides their own crisis strategy. In Scotland, though the ban “Starting an impact” in terms of reducing the number of pollution, This imprisonment was initially planned to last until the end of January “At least until mid-February”, Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced on Tuesday. “Relaxation of any relaxation even if the number of cases is decreasing, even if it is decreasing.” Can quickly reverse the situation“, He warned.

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In England, the most populated, with 56 million inhabitants, sanctions are planned Apply till 31 March But a review is scheduled for mid-February. According to ONS, the overall mortality for the first week of January was 45.8% is higher In England and Wales the average of the last five years. However, the agency warned that the data could be Deformed Delay in recording deaths during the Christmas holiday period.

London, especially affected by the last wave, recorded Nearly 85% increase in deaths Compared to the average recorded in a single week in the last five years. Health Minister Matt Hancock, who signed a Kovid-19 contract last year, announced on Twitter on Tuesday that he would oversee A quarantine period until Sunday After coming in contact with an infected person.

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