1 Billion Kilometers on the Clock for the XMM-Newton Space Telescope!

XMM – Newton, for “xmm” X-ray Multi-Mirror Mission And “Newton”, according to the famous English scientist, is a space observatory launched on December 10, 1999. This observatory of the European Space Agency makes observations X-ray To study soft (0.15 to 12 kV, ie 0.1 to 12 nm)rise together Feather black holesproperties of bursting stars, the nature of foreign material and observe gamma-ray burst.

XMM – Newton is on one To revolve around very elliptical around the earth, currently, a near ground 17,729 km and a. at the height of culmination 103.405 Km. Orbital parameters change as the mission progresses, but orbital time Always maintained at 48 hours.

During the night of October 12 to 13, 2021, XMM – Newton and words 4,000. IsI revolution around the earth. In only 22. less than, they have traveled over a billion kilometers! This is about 8,000 days of activity with very advanced science, for example, the discovery made in 2006mistress of galaxies 10mxxcs 2215-1738, 10 billion . Featherlight year of the earth; The first measurement, in February 2013, with its US ally NuSTAR, measured the speed of black hole rotation Supermassive (The One in the Heart of the Galaxy) NGC 1365); Or, last June, mapping an increase of 12,000, allowing the publication of the first findings of one of the largest surveys ever made using this observatory. black holes supermassive at the center of galaxies andmistress of galaxies.

And the mission is not over: since 2003, the mission has been extended several times and is currently scheduled to run through the end of 2025, with review expected in 2022.

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