1.3 million foreign workers leave Britain in 2020

According to a study by the Economic Statistics of Linearity, around 700,000 foreign workers have fled to London, which is about 8% of the population of the British capital.

Is the temporal exodus linked to the epidemic, the actual Brexit effect, or a clever mixture of both? 1.3 million foreign employees have left the United Kingdom since the end of 2019, according to a study conducted by the British counterpart of the Economic Statistics Center National Center for Excellence of the National Statistics, INSEE. Around 700,000 foreign workers have fled to London, about 8% of the British capital’s population.

The year of Brexit referendum, which began in 2016, departed “ Non native »Was pronounced with pandemic. “Too much burden of job losses associated with pandemic on non-UK workers”, Explain study authors Michael O’Connor and Jonathan Portes. The country has experienced three confinements in a row since March 2020. Some European residents who do not yet have permanent resident status, – Settled position Were unable to access social benefits or housing assistance.

Once containment measures are taken, this flight of foreign workers can punish employers in the hotel-catering and business sector across the channel, fearing a shortage of foreign labor. 217,000 non-British workers employed in commerce have moved out of the country in the past year and around 158,000 are in the hotel and catering sector.

From January 1, 2021, Europeans wishing to stay across the channel are subject to a new points-based immigration system, in which financial resources are taken into account to obtain a visa, which is valid for five years. The new selection threshold requires citizens to prove a minimum income of £ 20,000 per year (23,155 euros), to favor qualified European workers. A system that specifically punishes European citizens who want to travel across the channel to become a young girl or anu pair. British families pay them an average of £ 100 per week or £ 5,000 per year.

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It should be seen in the coming months whether the exodus of Europeans is confirmed or whether some activists will return to the country when the activity begins.

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